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Characters and Statistics Information

Character classes


Character Classes are very important in Diablo. Each class has it's own strengths and weaknesses making them suitable for play, but the style of play will vary greatly from one type of character to another. The type of character you choose will depend upon how you want to play Diablo. If you are and in your face, up close and personal type fighter then you might want to go for the Warrior class. Then again if you are more the type of character who likes to stay back out of the action and just blast away with spells, then perhaps a Sorcerer might be more to your liking. However, if neither of these are to your taste perhaps something in the middle like the Rogue character would be what you should consider.



This represents the raw physical power that the character possesses. Very strong characters are capable of using more powerful weapons and can wear heavy armor. A high strength gives a bonus to the amount of damage done in close combat.



Magic is a measure of the character's ability to manipulate the forces of magic. It is a combination of intelligence, willpower, and innate magical aptitude. A high magic rating is required to learn and control complex and powerful spells and staves.



Dexterity rates the character's general agility and accuracy. A character with low dexterity has a very difficult time hitting opponents in combat. Dexterity is a very important attribute for archers to deveop.



Vitality indicates the character's overall physical fitness. Characters with high vitality are very healthy, rarly become sick, and have a strong endurance.



Mana is an overall rating that determines how much mana a character can safely channel when spellcasting. It is based on the character's class, level, and magic attribute. A character that has exhausted his or her mana is no longer able to cast learned spells, though scrolls and staves may still be used, as they draw power from the environment on their own. Special mana potions are able to restore the hero's spell casting abilities by refreshing the body and clearing the mind of the imbiber.



Life is how much physical harm the character can suffer before dying. The life total is based on class, level, and vitality. A Warrior, for instance, can take more physical punishment than a Sorcerer of the same level and vitality rating. Once life reaches zero the character is dead. Potions and healing spells can rebuild the human body at an incredible rate, restoring precious life points.



Once a moderately valued commodity in Diablo, lately on this particular substance has almost no value. An average high level character can get 100K on the higher difficulties with between a half hour and an hour's worth of work. Not to mention the fact that cheats which allow people to create unlimited amounts of gold have also brought its value down.

Armor Class


Armor Class (AC) is a measure of how much protection you have from being hit by an attack. This protection comes from better armor, high dexterity, and magic. The higher your AC, the harder it is for people and creatures to hit you. AC can be raised by using magic items that increase dexterity, better armor, better shields, and of course wearing a helm. AC does not have an effect on magical attacks like fire, lightning, and spells. Also, arrows seem to be able to penetrate armor better than regular weapons.

To Hit Percentage


This is your ability to hit an opponent with no armor at all. Basically the way this works is your opponents AC is subtracted from your To Hit Percentage and that is how likely you are to hit them. (For example, if your To Hit Percentage is 123%, and your opponent has an AC of 75, you will have a 48% chance to hit that opponent. If your opponent had an AC of 0 then you would have had a 123% chance to hit them). This can be raised through using various magical items and increasing your dexterity.

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This is the minimum and maximum amount of damage you will do if you actually hit your target. This can be raised through using magical items and by raising you strength (strength or dexterity for a rogue).

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These three values max out at 75%. They are a measure of how much resistance you have to each type of attack, and can only be raised through the use of magic items. They really become important once you start to enter the caves and hell as that is when you start seeing monsters that can cast spells and spell-like effects at you.