Torch Torch




Butcher's Cleaver
  • Single & Multi-player
  • Hit Points: 50
  • Damage: 6-12
  • Reward: The Butcher's Cleaver (+10 to Strength, 4-24 Damage, Durability 10)

This is the first quest you will receive in the game, and appears in both single and multi-player games. If you talk to the dying man who is in front of the church, he will tell you of a terrible creature called The Butcher. The Butcher can be found on the second level in a room by himself. His room is very easy to spot as it is a perfect square with the interior painted in blood and bodies, and is surrounded by a large number of creatures in that general vicinity. He is very fast and generally requires a higher level character to kill.


Ring of Truth
  • Single-player
  • Reward: Ring of Truth (+10 to Hit Points, Absorbs 1 point damage per hit, Resist All 10%)

If Pepin tells you that the town's water supply is being poisoned, search level 2 for a door which leads to a cavern (its map description refers to poisoned water). If you kill all of the creatures in this area you should be done. Go back to Pepin and he will give you the Ring of Truth as a reward.

Tip: Regardless of character class, a good tactic for this quest is moving forward and then walking back, drawing a few creatures in at a time to avoid fighting too many monsters simultaneously.


The Undead Crown
  • Single & Multi-player
  • Hit Points: 60
  • Damage: 6-16
  • Reward (single-player): The Undead Crown (Armor Class 8, Life Stealing 5%)

Cain or Ogden tells you the story of King Leoric, depending on whether you are in a single or multi-player game. The King avoided being possessed by Diablo but ended up as a big nasty skeleton. In single player you run upon a door that leads to King Leoric's Tomb on level 3. In multiplayer it is much more fun since he is just waiting for you somewhere on level 3. He is always surrounded by a huge number of skeletons. In single player he gives you the Undead Crown, and in multi-player it is a random prize.

Tip: A sorcerer should fill his belt with mana potions and use Holy Bolt to kill the Skeleton King, and charged bolt works well against his army. For warriors or rogues, blunt objects such as a mace, morning star, or war hammer are most effective against the undead, as well as Holy Bolt.


  • Single-player
  • Hit Points: 120
  • Damage: 8-16
  • Reward: Random Magical Item

On level 4 you meet a Goat Man who begs you not to kill him, walk out of sight and then go back and he gives you something, walk away again and when you return he tells you that he isn't ready yet, walk away again but this time when you return he tries to kill you.

Tip: Before you talk to him for the third time, cast a firewall upon him. It won't hurt him until you talk to him and he turns hostile. He's fairly weak so you should be able to stand there and hit him while the firewall burns him as well.


Harlequions Crest
  • Single-player
  • Quest Monster: Snotspill
  • Hit Points: 220
  • Damage: 10-18
  • Reward: Harleqion Crest, if the sign if given to Odgen. (+2 to all stats, +7 to Hit Points, +7 to Mana, -3 to Armor Class, -1 to Damage Received)

Odgen's Sign Talk to the innkeeper and he may tell you about his lost sign. On level 4, the last level of the dungeon, you will run into a little Carver named Snotspill. He tells you about "big uglies" that have something he needs, and promises that if you return it to him he will let you live.

Somewhere on this level you will find a group of overlords guarding a chest. After dispatching these "big uglies", you will find a chest containing the tavern sign, though you will not be able to open unless you have spoken with Snotspill. You can give the sign to Snotspill, after which you are attacked by a huge number of Carvers, or you can return it to its rightful owner, who then gives you a reward. When you return to the area Snotspill and his Carvers attack you. Obviously the better choice is to take the sign to the innkeeper.

Tip: The best way to kill Snotspill and his followers, is to stand in the doorway and take one at a time.


Empyrean Band
  • Single-player
  • Reward: Empyrean Band (+2 to stats, +20% to Light radius, Fast hit recovery, Absorbs trap damage)

Magic Rock The blacksmith will tell you of a magic stone he knows of. You find it in the catacombs, though it is sometimes hard to see because it is black and blends in with the darkness. If you bring the blacksmith the stone he will forge you a very useful ring.


Arkaines Valor
  • Single-player
  • Reward: Arkaine's Valor (Split Mail, Armor Class 25, +10 to Vitality, Absorbs 3 points damage per hit received, Fastest hit recovery)

Blood Stone The quest begins by Cain telling you a story of a brave warrior. Down in the catacombs you will find a small altar, and in two other rooms you will find bloodstones which you need to place on this altar. After you do this a wall will open and you will need to kill a few more monsters. Your prize will be a piece of armor known as Arkaine's Valor.


Guardian Spell
  • Single-player
  • Reward: Guardian Spell

If you encounter a book describing the chamber of bone, somewhere in the level there will be an area with several pillars surrounding stairs (there is a wall around this area until you read the book). The stairs lead to the chamber of bone which contains various monsters (including many skeletons). There are two levers that when pulled open chambers containing items, and well as a book which when read reveals the guardian spell.


  • Single-player
  • Reward: Optic amulet (+20% to Light Radius, +20% to Resist Lightning, Absorbs one point of damage per hit, +5 to Magic)

Illusion Weaver In the catacombs you will find a book telling you about the Halls of the Blind, which will cause doors to open up on a room inside another room. In there you will find Illusion Weavers (hidden creatures), kill them and there are 2 smaller rooms in there, in one you will find the Optic Amulet.


  • Single-player
  • Hit Points: 360
  • Damage: 16-40
  • Resistance: Fire and Lightning
  • Reward: Random book

In the Catacombs you will find a book room with Zhar the Mad standing in there. When you take the book from the bookshelf he will complain about you disturbing him and give you a book to go away, walk out of sight and then when you go back to him he will get annoyed and try to kill you.


Spectral Elixer
  • Single-player
  • Reward: Spectral Elixer (+3 to all attributes)

Black Mushroom In the caves you can find a book which is unreadable. If you give it to Adria, she will explain the contents to you and ask you to get the mushrooms. Go to the caves and get them, and then return to Adria with the mushrooms and she will tell you of something that Pepin needs. Once you get this for him he will give you an elixir.


Griswold's Edge
  • Single-player
  • Reward: Griswold's Edge (Fire Hit 1-10, +25% to Hit, Faster Attack, Knocks back monster, +20 to Mana, -20 to Hit Points)

Griswold mentions an anvil which, if brought to him, could make a powerful weapon. I found this in the caves on level 10, and after bringing the anvil to Griswold he makes a sword named "Griswold's edge".


  • Single-player
  • Hit Points: 850
  • Damage: 35-50
  • Immunity: Fire, Lightning and Magic
  • Reward: Random magic item and access to the 14th level.

Find the Steel Tome on Level 13, which unlocks the Warlord of Blood's armory. Inside the armory are several blood knights and the Warlord of Blood.

Tip: First lure the warlords followers away and kill them. Then either have healing potions ready and go at him with a melee weapon, or use a bow to shoot, retreat, shoot again, retreat, until he's dead. The square room provides a good space to keep circling until you've killed him.


Viel of Steel
  • Single-player
  • Hit Points: 500
  • Reward: Veil of Steel (+50% to Resist All, +60% to Armor Class, -30 to Mana, +15 to Strength, +15 to Vitality, -20% to Light Radius)

Golden Elixer On a low hell level you may encounter Lachdanan the knight. He wants you to find some elixer for him for which he will give you a powerful helmet, or you can choose to drink the elixer yourself.


  • Single & Multi-player
  • Quest Monsters: Archbishop Lazarus, Red Vex, and Black Jade
  • Lazarus Hit Points: 600
  • Lazarus Damage: 30-50
  • Red Vex and Black Jade Hit Points: 400
  • Red Vex and Black Jade Damage: 30-50

Cain will tell you about the Archbishop who ran the church and how he turned to follow Diablo. You will find him on level 15, surrounded by mages and some Hell Spawn, dispatch them any way you can and then take on Lazarus. The easiest way to kill Lazarus is to Stone Curse him and then kill him. Once you do this you can descend to the level of Diablo.


  • Single & Multi-player
  • Hit Points: 833
  • Damage: 30-60
  • Resistance: Fire, Lightning and Magic
  • Immunity: Stone Curse
  • Reward: You win and save the world

Diablo Diablo can be found on level 16, which you can only get to by killing Lazarus. First look for a lever in the north. Once you find it, pull it and it will open a wall that releases some more monsters to the east. Kill all of these and pull the next lever, and then kill all of the new monsters. You will then find two more levers in the west. Once you have pulled both of those, you have opened up Diablo's room down to the south.

Go to town and get whatever you need (make sure you don't have anything left in town before you kill Diablo, because as soon as he dies an ending movie plays and then the game ends) and come back down. You can either try to draw Diablo out and lead him somewhere like the spiral to the east and then teleport out, leaving you free to destroy his companions (giving you more experience, though that's not really important in a single player game) before coming back for him, or just keep attacking him since everything that comes with him will die when he does.