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Curious and ancient shrines adorn the caverns of the underworld that are magically infused with chaotic powers from centuries ago. Although most shrines are beneficial, others are not. Their magical enhancements tend to come at a cost, and it is up to you to recognize which shrine is which so that you may measure its benefits against its setbacks before you indulge. This information details the precise effects of all existing shrines. With such knowledge, you may wisely select from their mixed blessings.

Names with a (M) next to them can only be found in multiplayer games, (S) can only be found in single player games.

Abandoned Shrine The hands of men may be guided by fate Dexterity is increased by 2.
Creepy Shrine Strength is bolstered by heavenly faith Strength is increased by 2.
Cryptic Shrine Arcane power brings distraction Casts Nova spell and restores mana.
Divine Shrine Drink and be refreshed Gives two full potions of Rejuvenation or one full potion of Mana and one full potion of Health.
Eerie Shrine Knowledge and wisdom at the cost of self Magic is increased by 2.
Eldritch Shrine Crimson and azure become as the sun All potions become Rejuvination potions of the same type.
Enchanted Shrine Magic is not always what it seems Lose one spell level for one spell, all other known spells gain one level.
Fascinating Shrine Intensity comes at the cost of wisdom Lose mana, gain Firebolt spell levels (if not already at max 15th level).
Glimmering Shrine Mysteries are revealed in the light of wisdom Identifies all magic items you are carrying.
Goat Shrine Random message from another shrine Random effect from one of the shrines. The messages and effects do stay together though.
Gloomy Shrine (S) Those who defend seldom attack Adds +2 to Armor Class for all armor you have. Reduces damage by 1 for all weapons you have.
Hidden Shrine New strength is forged through destruction Affects durability. This shrine is rather random. One item loses 10 durability while all others gain 10.
Holy Shrine Where ever you go there you are Phases you to a random location of the currently explored level.
Imposing Shrine A surge of blood interrupts your thoughts +2 dexterity.
Magical Shrine While the spirit is vigilant, the body thrives You get a free Mana Shield spell cast on you.
Mysterious Shrine Some are weakened as one grows strong Randomly decided, one of your attributes rises by 5 and the others dropby 1.
Mystic Shrine Your skills increase, but at a price Lose all gold in inventory escept one piece but gain experience points.
Ornate Shrine Salvation comes at the cost of wisdom Lose mana but gain Holy Bolt levels (if not already max 15th level).
Quiet Shrine The essence of life flows from within +2 to Vitality.
Religious Shrine Time cannot diminish the power of steel All items are fully repaired.
Sacred Shrine Energy comes at the cost of wisdom Lose mana but gain levels of Charged Bolt (if not already at max 15th level).
Secluded Shrine The way is made clear when viewed from above Fills out the automap of the current level.
Spiritual Shrine Riches abound when least expected Each free box you have in your inventory is filled with a random amount of gold, increasing as you go deeper in the dungeons.
Spooky Shrine (M) Where avarice fails, patience brings reward (user)
Blessed by a benevolent companion (other players)
All other players with you are fully healed.
Stone Shrine The power of mana refocused renews Staffs are recharged.
Tainted Shrine (M) Those that are least may yet be first (user)
Generosity begins its own reward (other players)
User gets a random +1 stat, other players get -1 to all attributes.
Thaumaturgic Shrine (S) What was once opened is now closed Any chests in the dungeon are refilled and closed. Use this after you have already cleared the chests once.
Weird Shrine (S) The sword of justice is swift and sharp Maximum damage for all weapons increases by 1.
Blood Fountain Restores 1 point of life each time you drink.
Fountain of Tears Raises one attribute by one and lowers another by 1.
Murky Pool Casts one free Infravision Spell.
Purifying Spring Restores 1 point of mana each time you drink.