Torch Torch


Book Scroll
Icon Item

This is the skill that the Warrior gets. It basically repairs your weapons and armor (like at Griswold's Blacksmith), but with a price. Each time you use it, the item's total durability goes down by 1.

Icon Trap

This is the skill the Rogue gets, and is probably the best skill. It allows you to disarm trapped chests, doors, etc. Although not 100% effective, it's better than the other two skills, because it has no disadvantages.

Icon Staff

This is the skill that the Sorcerer gets. This skill can be useful at the start, but don't use it on your good staves as it reduces the maximum charges by 1. It will also ruin Bountiful Staves.

Icon Apocalypse

This is probably the deadliest spell in Diablo. It creates massive explosions that severely hurts enemies around you. You won't find this in book form, only in scrolls and staves.

Icon Bone Spirit

Skeleton Spirits attack your enemies and take off 1/3 of their hit points. Unfortunately, this spell takes away your own health as well.

Icon Blood Star

It's a star shaped blast that your character shoots which will damage an enemy no matter what immunities they have. It's the same spell that HellSpawns and similar enemies use.

Icon Charged Bolt

It shoots out a few charges that seek out an enemy and hit him. It's slow and weak.

Icon Chain Lightning

It will send out bolts of lightning at all enemies in range. It helps if you are close to the enemy, and it is very powerful at a high level.

Icon Elemental

It sends out a Fire Elemental which will run into its target. The problem is it can only turn once and if cast in the wrong place tries to run through walls to get to enemies.

Icon Fireball

It sends out a fireball that explodes on impact. It can be quite strong at a high level.

Icon Fire Wall

It creates a wall of fire that damages all who stand on it. It's good for attacking large groups of enemies.

Icon Flame Wave

It is basically a moving fire wall. Though not particularly good, since it only hits the enemy once, and it isn't as strong as fire wall.

Icon Firebolt

This will probably be the first spell you get. It is basically just a weak fireball (it doesn't explode on impact). It's quite weak even at high levels.

Icon Flash

It creates a ring around the character which expands a little and hurts enemies around you.

Icon Guardian Guardian

This spell creates a 3 headed hydra which come out of the ground and fires firebolts at all enemies within range. Although it's immobile, it works great!

Icon Golem

It creates a Golem (a creature made out of rock) which will attack your enemies. It has it's own hit points, and is pretty strong, but it takes a lot of Mana.

Icon Heal-Other

This is just what it says, it heals other players in multi-player games.

Icon Healing

This is a self-healing spell.

Icon Holybolt

This is a good spell for the dungeons, but it has it's downfalls. It's like a fireball, but it only hurts undead enemies (skeletons, zombies, etc.). It's a good spell against the Skeleton King.

Icon Identify

This will tell you the magical properties of those items with the blue text. It only comes in scrolls, but Cain can also identify items.

Icon Inferno

It makes a mini-explosion/flame blast in front of you that damages enemies.

Icon Infravision

This is a very useful spell. It lets you see the body heat monsters put off, thus letting you see enemies around corners and through walls (they appear in red). Unfortunately it is only found in scroll form.

Icon Lightning

It makes a lightning bolt that moves though enemies, and will damage anyone in it's path. It's a simpler version of Chain Lightning.

Icon Mana Shield

This is great for Sorcerers. It creates a sphere over your character which will cause any damage taken to reduce mana instead of health. It's good if you have a lot of mana and mana potions.

Icon Nova

This is like an improved version of flash. It creates a ring of lightning around the character which extends out far and causes a lot of damage. Only available in scroll form.

Icon Phasing

It teleports your character to a random spot on your screen. It can take a few tries to get where you want to go.

Icon Resurrect

This spell will bring back dead characters with 10% health. Obviously, it's only found in multi-player games.

Icon Stone Curse

It turns whatever it's cast on to stone (with the exception of other players and Diablo). It has a limited duration, and takes a lot of mana, so have some mana potions handy.

Icon Telekinesis

This spell allows you to open chests and doors from a distance, and to pick up items far away. At high levels, you can even push enemies away.

Icon Teleport

This spell teleports you to wherever you click on the screen. An improved version of Phasing.

Icon Town Portal

This spell is extremely useful. Whenever you need to heal, repair items, or buy supplies, you can create a Town Portal and go back to the town. It disappears after going back down to continue fighting.