Torch Torch


Warrior icon
Warrior sketch
Start Max
Strength 30 250
Magic 10 50
Dexterity 20 60
Vitality 25 100
Life 70 316
Mana 10 98
Effect of Level
+2 Life, +1 Mana

The Warriors of the land of Khanduras are famous for their skill in all of the weapons of war. When King Leoric, disillusioned by the darkness, ordered war against the Northern kingdom of Westmarch, many of these adventurers led the charge. After the bloody battles, losing many of their brethren and hope, these mighty warriors returned to the countryside only to find their homes and villages in shambles.

As dark rumors of the demise of King Leoric abound, many Warriors have braved the journey into Tristram in hope of finding fortune and glory. In fact, when King Leoric's madness reached its peak, many of these venturesome souls followed the crazed leader into the depths of the labyrinth. All that remains of the party are the savage remains stored in the Butcher's slaughterhouse. It is also rumored that many of these brave fighters, once led by the mighty Lachdanan, have been forever damned in Hell to serve the three Prime Evils.

Now, after the demise of the Black King and the disappearance of his most trusted advisor, Archbishop Lazarus, the land of Khanduras is devastated and unsure of the terror that was enveloped it. Warriors, whether driven by personal glory or valor, now appear in the savaged town of Tristram daily. Despite the cries of the townsfolk, some have even dared to venture into the labyrinth beneath the Church - only to be never heard of again.