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The Rogue Encampment

The Rogues, forced out of their Monastery by Andariel, The Maiden of Anguish, are now gathered in a hastily constructed and tightly guarded sanctuary from evil. They struggle to hold the Sisterhood together, their numbers decimated by the Corruption brought upon them by Andariel's foul influence. Hundreds of the Sisters were twisted by Andariel's magic, and are now agents of evil, stalking the wilderness and buildings of Act One along with teeming masses of Fallen, and numerous other monsters. The few remaining rogues are gathered in their camp, and though poorly armed and vastly outnumbered, they nevertheless guard the entrance and some of the paths around it as best they can.

The Rogue Encampment is much rougher than the towns of Act Two and Three; it doesn't have paved roads or large buildings, or any beautiful architecture. Logs, stones, and tents are about all it can boast, even less developed than Tristram was in Diablo. In fact Act One of Diablo II uses much of the same tile set that Tristram did. There are numerous torches dotted about to provide light at night, and the more permanent structures are some log and stone fences. Even the blacksmith's shop is basicly a fire in a brick lined hillside, with the weapons just leaning up against a wooden frame.

Dirt paths make up the road system, and the camp is basicly just a cluster of structures: a blacksmith shop, a caravan, some tents, camp fires and a small wooden stockade. The environment is well done as well, with chickens about, pecking at the ground, and there will also be cows and various other elements which really give the impression of a rough, outdoor habitation. In addition there is a Waypoint in the Encampment, town portals will return you there.

Non-Player Characters:

There will be more NPC's in the first act of Diablo II than in all of the original, and most of them are female. The blacksmith is Charsi, a rogue skilled in crafting and repairing weapon. Dealing in magic is the rogue priestess Akara, and Kashya the Rogue captain, is there to give you various quests and command the rogues.

There will also be NPC's who are part of the caravan, including Gheed, a merchant who will sell you many types of items. Other NPC's include Warriv, the caravan leader, who will bring you to Act II upon defeating Andariel, and Cain, Horadrim Elder, who you must rescue from Tristram in an early quest, and will then be able to have him identify items for you.

Of course, NPC rogues are also very common, and you will see them dotted about: guarding entrances/exits, running to and from places, or hunting in the wild. You can even hire them as mercenaries to follow and assist you in the depths.

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