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Lut Gholein

Act II's town is the bustling, walled metropolis of Lut Gholein. Surrounded mostly by desert, this port city will also be in great peril, its wilderness, the desert, conquered by one of Diablo's brothers. The buildings are extravagantly decorated with Arabian architecture, and hold a middle-eastern design making it a very picturesque town, as you can tell from this large picture.

The city's appearance is definitely amazing, but what is probably the most notable, is the detail. The smaller buildings and shops within the city have clearly discernible objects within, and there are small intricacies in every graphic that add to the realism. Realism being one of the many things improved in this sequel. Lut Gholein will also take advantage of the random level generator, with palm trees, vases, camels, buildings, and other objects placed at different locations each game.


To your left is a screenshot of the Amazon standing in the tavern, giving a nice example of Diablo II's excellent transparency feature (the roof disappears when you walk under it, and the walls either go transparent or completely vanish. This is the main parlour of the tavern.

A tavern is just one place of repose though. Within the city walls you will be safe from attack, but even in the center of Lut Gholein, lurk demons and danger. There is a subterranean Sewer Level, filled with foul beasts, and also an Evil-Infested Harem reached by descending a stairway from the Palace of Lut Gholein. Outside the city walls the desert wilderness teems with hideous monsters and demons of every type.

Non-Player Characters:

The population of Lut Gholein look as you would expect them to: clothed with turbans, hoods, boots, and usually with either extravagantly colored clothes or tan/brown tavel wear. Usually with darker skin, and probably speaking with Arabian accents.

Less is known about Act II NPC's than those of Act I: Warriv is in the city, because it is with him that you have travelled to Lut Gholein. There is also Lysander, the alchemist, a barmaid, probably more than one merchant, and, in speculation, a harbourmaster or ship's captain in charge of carrying you to Act III by sea.

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