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The Pandemonium Fortress

Constructed centuries ago by the gods themselves in hopes that their powers would be strong enough to withstand the dangers of hell itself, the Pandemonium Fortress has stood as a welcomed comfort by those few adventurers who have survived long enough to reach the gates of Hell. Deep within the very soul of Sanctuary, the Pandemonium Fortress has stood as the only symbol of faith within the twisted halls of the Three Prime Evils' caverns. Filled with the most powerful of Diablo's minions, and guarded by armies of the undead, this place has bore witness to a thousand deaths of the adventurers who wandered outside it's gates, thinking they were prepared for such an endeavor.

Forged with the strongest materials available to even the gods themselves, the Pandemonium Fortress is as enforced, and altogether indestructible structure anywhere in the realm of Sanctuary. Protected by the powers of the heavens and the arcane magics of some of the most skilled mages in the lands, this place exists as the only sense of salvation you will encounter during your stay in Hell. Although it seems small, and somehow weakened over the centuries by the ceaseless torments of the twisted works of evil wandering the caverns outside it's walls, rest assured that the magics practiced upon the Pandemonium Fortress, most evident in the arcane symbols and gargoyles of protection resting atop it's stoops, are as powerful as any spell of protection found.

Take notice of the marble floors, amazing artwork and architecture contained within the walls of the structure, and the large fireplace in the upper corner. Seeming, at first, very uninviting and cold, you will quickly find that the Pandemonium Fortress is as comfortable a place as any for resting away from your seemingly endless sessions of combat. Take heed to these facts, adventurer, as they are the only signs of comfort you are to find throughout the remainder of your journey.

Non-Player Characters:

Other than the past Champions of Sanctuary, who reside within the Pandemonium Fortress as guests of the gods, you are alone on this leg of your journey. While Deckard Cain has followed close at your heels into the final chapter of your adventure, and the arch-angel, Tyreal, stands guard over the fortress itself, neither can do much to assist you in your quests. Find a certain sense of comfort in the two Champions-turned-vendors, however, as their prices on weapons and other items are far from those of previous vendors, and they also offer some of the most powerful standard items you will come into contact with during your journey to destroy the Three Prime Evils.

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