Dungeon Keeper

Misc Speeches

  1. Your creatures are becoming angry.
  2. Your creatures are angry, they have nowhere to live.
  3. Your minions are annoyed, you cannot pay them.
  4. Your creatures are upset because they are hungry.
  5. Your minions are vandalizing your dungeon.
  6. Creatures are deserting.
  7. The enemy has broken through your walls.
  8. Your dungeon heart is being attacked.
  9. Your minions have lost a battle.
  10. Your creatures have won a battle.
  11. Your creatures are falling in battle.
  12. Your minions are winning a battle.
  13. Your creatures are under attack.
  14. Your creatures are attacking the enemy.
  15. The enemy is destroying your rooms.
  16. You are losing territory.
  17. You have claimed an enemy room.
  18. You have taken control of a new room.
  19. Beware, the lord of the land approaches.
  20. Your creatures are fighting amongst themselves.
  21. The battle is over.
  22. Food is scarce, enlarge your hatchery.
  23. Your creatures need a bigger lair.
  24. You need a bigger treasure room.
  25. Your library is too small.
  26. Your prison is too small.
  27. Your torture chamber is not big enough.
  28. You need a bigger training room.
  29. Your workshop is not big enough.
  30. Your scavenger room is too small.
  31. You need a bigger temple.
  32. Your graveyard is not big enough.
  33. Your barracks require expansion.
  34. Hungry creatures cannot get to a hatchery.
  35. Some of your minions are unable to reach the treasure room.
  36. Some of your minions are unable to reach their lairs.
  37. An entrance has been claimed.
  38. You have lost an entrance.
  39. You must build a treasure room to store gold.
  40. You need to build a lair for your creatures.
  41. You should build a hatchery to feed your minions.
  42. A new room has been researched.
  43. A new spell has been researched.
  44. A door has been manufactured.
  45. A trap has been manufactured.
  46. There is nothing left to research.
  47. You have taken an enemy spell book.
  48. You have taken an enemies trap design.
  49. You have taken an enemies door design.
  50. The enemy has stolen a spell book.
  51. A trap design has been taken from you.
  52. The enemy has taken a door design.
  53. Information has been tortured from the enemy.
  54. An enemy has been converted to your cause.
  55. A prisoner has died and risen as a skeleton.
  56. A torture victim has died and returned as a ghost.
  57. Your prisoners are escaping.
  58. A vampire has risen in your graveyard.
  59. You have freed your creatures from prison.
  60. Your prisoners are starving to death.
  61. One of your creatures is being scavanged.
  62. One of your minions has been scavanged.
  63. One of your creatures has joined the enemy.
  64. Secrets have been tortured from your creatures.
  65. The gods are pleased with your sacrifice.
  66. The gods have rewarded your offering.
  67. The gods do not care for your sacrifice.
  68. Your offering has made the gods angry.
  69. The gods have punished your unworthy offering.
  70. This is no wishing well, keeper.
  71. Your creatures have discoverd a mysterious magic box.
  72. Your creatures have found a spell.
  73. A door design has been discovered.
  74. A trap design has been discovered.
  75. New creatures have joined your dungeon.
  76. You have tunnelled into a new area.
  77. The entire realm has been revealed to you.
  78. You may resurrect one creature.
  79. Select a creature to take with you to the next realm.
  80. So be it.
  81. You have bewitched a hero.
  82. Your creatures have been doubled in number.
  83. Your creatures have been blessed with experience.
  84. Your dungeon has been fortified.
  85. You have found a hidden realm, go there when you have conquered this land.
  86. Your gold reserves are running low.
  87. You do not have enough gold.
  88. You are too poor to scavange creatures.
  89. You cannot afford to train creatures.
  90. It is pay day.
  91. My god, it's full of pies.
  92. Something surreal is happening.
  93. Your creatures are developing a strange accent.
  94. Your pants are definitely too tight.
  95. Your minions have a craving for chocolate.
  96. There's that smell again.
  97. Hello.
  98. Blech.
  99. Achoo
  100. Cough
  101. You cannot give your imps any more jobs.
  102. Game loaded.
  103. Game saved.
  104. You have defeated an enemy keeper.
  105. You have been defeated.
  106. You have conquered this realm.
  107. Master, I sense the presence of the Avatar.
  108. What trickery is this? The Avatar's body has vanished.
  109. You are victorious, your darkness pervades througout the kingdom. All hail the new lord of shadows.
  110. Your efforts are futile.
  111. My dungeon is the finest you shall ever see.
  112. My minions shall leave your dungeon from being ruin.
  113. Your entrails will decorate the darkest alclove of my domain.
  114. Your corpse will feed my minions yet, keeper.
  115. The path for oblivion, keeper.
  116. Pathetic creature, I shall crush you in an instant.
  117. Hahahahaha
  118. Your dark days are numbered, evil one.
  119. We come to rid the world of your evil.
  120. We shall send you back to the pits, foul one.
  121. Your realm shall end before this day is done.
  122. We shall cast you back in to the shadows, keeper.
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