Privateer 2: The Darkening

Portrait Name: Chirichan Pirate Clan
Owner: Unknown
Employees: Unknown
Home Base: Draknor
Business: Piracy

Background: Colder than 10 minutes in a vacuum, faster than a Bex Monk when last orders are called, more terminal than a Taxi fare on Janus IV, this highly organised and calculating band of Cyborgs have one and only one purpose in life: find humans, kill them and steal their ship and/or possessions. After becoming rather irritated at having to do all the dirty work for humans, they opted to take the old Cyborg cliche of bloody revolt, and haven't looked back since. As one of them was heard to say recently over the sub-vacuum frequency, "We've never had it so good". Would you argue the point? Don't even think about messing with them.