Privateer 2: The Darkening

Name: Hades
System: Issac
Atmosphere: Post Nuclear
Diameter: 16,107 Miles
Population: 546,753,425

Background: In a recent 'Where would you ideally spend your holidays?' survey by the consumer programme Argushund, Hades managed to poll a startling -15% of the poll group, mostly due to people answering 'Anywhere but Hades'. The furthest planet in Irrulan from the sun, Hades is a dank, gloomy, freezing cold, inhospitable, poisonous lump of excreta, inhabited solely by prisoners, the CIS and the Military.

Originally settled for 'Experimental Scientific Research (Military)', it later became the ideal dumping ground for any irremediable criminal, hence the presence of the CIS as well. Attempts to completely relocate the CIS to the planet have been abortive; despite the excellent security it offers, many agents have refused point-blank to move there, as their families have threatened to excommunicate them if they do so. Leisure time on Hades being less fun than an infestation of Karatikan rectal mites, the average trader will have little need to leave the customs house before taking off as fast as afterburners allow, but a little research into living conditions may pay dividends; there are a fair few people here, all earning high wages for their considerable trouble, and that's an awful lot of disposable income going begging.

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