Privateer 2: The Darkening

Portrait Name: Petra
System: Hom
Atmosphere: None
Diameter: 502 Miles
Population: 1,134,456

Background: Petra is more like a large rock then a planet. It has no atmosphere and, had it not been for it's high concentration of minerals, would have been left to its own devices. In the last census there were 5,654 different mining operations at work on this hostile outpost, employing a work force of just over 1 million. The ores from Petra are exported all over the Confederation where they are refined for many different uses from building materials to fuels. Environmentalists, however, believe that Petra is a time bomb waiting to explode. Due to over mining, they believe that not only will the planet be stripped of all it's resources inside of 50 years, but that is will soon not be able to support its own crust.