Privateer 2: The Darkening

Space Stations

Tri-System space stations are registered according to the following convention:
Type-of-Station:Station-name (e.g. CS:Dexros)

Abbreviations for the types of stations are CS (commodity station), ES (equipment station), RS (repair station) and SS (super station).

Commodity Station

Commodity Station:

Need to move some goods fast without going planet-side? These outposts are the place for you.

There are four Commodity Stations in the Tri-System:
Commodity Station Dexros (Nav 155)
Lironas (Nav 133)
Pletirat (Nav 142)
Reva (Nav 136)

Equipment Station

Equipment Station:

Fresh out of implementations of destruction? No problem - get some more at these "Mayhem Mega Markets".

There are four Equipment Stations in the Tri-System:
Equipment Station Corsas (Nav. 94)
Ferix (Nav. 125)
Sarama (Nav 132)
Stanton (Nav 139)

Repair Station

Repair Station:

Taken some flak? Make it better at one of the many repair stations around the systems.

There are four Repair Stations in the Tri-System:
Repair Station Bestinium (Nav 88)
Craxath (Nav 86)
Felos (Nav 77)
Kaldon (Nav 83)

Super Station

Super Station:

Repair your ship, buy equipment or trade commodities at any self-contained super station.

There are two Super Stations in the Tri-System:
Super Station Curium (Nav 150)
Tersa (Nav 147)