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Monster Information

As you pass the cursor over a monster, you can see its name and hit-point bar graph, which shows the percentage of its hit-points remaining. The monsters name is color coded: white is a standard monster, blue is a champion, and gold is a unique monster.

Monster Difficult and Experience in Multiplayer games

In multiplayer a monsters hit points are multiplied by the number of players in the game, so the monsters become harder when more people join, and easier when they leave.
The formula for hit points is: (Hit Points * (Number of Players + 1) / 2).
The formula for experience is: (X * (n + 1) / 2), with X being the base experience, and n being the number of players in the game.

You can type /players X, with X being a number between the current number of people and 8 (the maximum). This will set the effective number of players in the game, and works in single player, open Battle.net, or TCP/IP games.

Monster Levels

Monsters that are a higher level than you will be harder to hit, and have an easier time hitting you, while the opposite is true for monsters that are a lower level than you.

Monster Health Regeneration

On the higher difficulty levels, monsters will regenerate their health very quickly. This can make it a good idea to stay on the same target and finish it off before moving on to another. You can use the weapon magic bonus 'Prevent Monster Heal' to stop them from regenerating.

Monster Generators

These are various structures capable of spawning unlimited amounts of monsters. Monster Generators can take many forms, from stationary spawning pits, to mobile, mutated hives spewing forth monsters. They are randomly scattered throughout levels, and are only capable of spawning certain types of monsters. The generators themselves are destructible by conventional means, such as weapons or magic, so it is best to take them out first and then deal with the monsters.

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