Diablo II


Animated Diablo

Type: Demon

First appearance: Act IV Bosses

Description: Diablo spent two centuries slowly working to corrupt the Soulstone that imprisoned him. In time, he was able to extend his influence into the surrounding area and corrupt both King Leoric and his archbishop, Lazarus. The King proved too strong to fully control, so the Demon took possession of his son, Prince Albrecht. Diablo then began to shape an outpost of Hell within the catacombs that ran beneath the town of Tristram. By spreading terror into the surrounding countryside, the Demon was able to attract many heroes who came to cleanse the land of evil. By the time the strongest of these heroes reached this goal, though, he had become fully influenced by the will of Diablo. In his twisted state, this adventurer believed that the only way to fully control the Demon was to plunge the shard of the Soulstone into his own head. This, of course, was exactly what Diablo had planned as the Demon now had an even stronger body to use to find his brothers and complete his ultimate plan...

Tips and Behavior: Diablo uses the following Skills: Fire Nova, Red Lightning Hose, Cold Touch, Fire Wall, Firestorm, Bone Prison, Charge, Taunt (does nothing).

Diablo may cast his special Bone Prison on you, your hirelings, and around your Town Portals to prevent you from escaping.

- Many items will have properties like "-2 Magic Damage". Without going into details, suffice to say these items are at their most effective against spells that do damage over time - cutting down the Pink Lightning and Fire Storm damage by a huge amount. They will stack, so wear as many as you can.

- The Red Lightning Hose deals half physical, half lightning damage. Full Lightning Resistance and Damage Reduction/a high Block Rate may allow you to survive this attack. Even if you don't usually wear a shield, you could consider it just for this battle.

- If he unleashes the Red Lightning Hose, stop whatever you are doing and start running. Not away (backwards) from him - that's bad. The Red Lightning Hose will get you. Run sideways, in a circle around him. He will swing his Lightning around, but will be unable to nail you as long as you keep running.

- Using minions as your attack aren't a great idea, as Diablo does 10x damage on them. However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't use minions; they serve as a great distractor, and an expendable pincushion for Diablo to waste his attacks on, while you stand back and poke him with other weapons in a safe manner.

Image of Diablo


Normal Nightmare Hell
Level: 40 62 94
Exp: 44902 465362 2195808
HP: 13818-13818 90749-90749 113812-113812
Attack 1: 19-49 91-112 192-235
AR 1: 1311 2592 8062
Attack 2: 28-64 96-127 203-255
AR 2: 1051 2412 7500
Drain Effect.: 100% 50% 0%
Chill Effect.: 25% 15% 10%
Normal Nightmare Hell
Defense: 208 1176 2534
Block: 33% 40% 50%
Damage R.: 0 0 45
Magic R.: 0 0 0
Fire R.: 33 50 50
Cold R.: 33 50 50
Lightning R.: 33 50 50
Poison R.: 50 50 50
Immunities: - - -
Statistics Last Updated: 2009-03-07
Last updated: 2014/09/23 at 20:49
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