Diablo II


Animated Griswold

Type: Undead

First appearance: Act I Bosses

Description: After Diablo was slain in the catacombs beneath the town of Tristram, a grand celebration that lasted several days was held. The hero that defeated the Lord of Terror looked as if he had walked through Hell itself, and as the weeks passed, he kept his distance from the rest of the townsfolk and seemed to lapse into a dark, brooding depression. One day, he simply left. And shortly thereafter Tristram was attacked by legions of foul demons. While many of the townsfolk were merely slain, some were forced into cursed servitude.

The stout blacksmith Griswold was one of those who were bound past death to attend the desires of The Three. Wandering the town he once loved, he uses arcane powers and an unholy strength granted to his twisted body by Andariel to stop any from following the path of the Wanderer.

Tips and Behavior: Griswold will curse with Amplify Damage if he can hit you. If possible stay out of melee range to avoid being cursed. Griswold is also immune to all knockback effects except Sanctuary, so it will be hard to stop his attacks.


Normal Nightmare Hell
Level: 5 39 84
Exp: 191 8583 136052
HP: 103-103 3812-3812 36887-36887
Attack 1: 2-6 16-49 47-141
AR 1: 31 792 3370
Attack 2: 2-6 16-49 47-141
AR 2: 31 792 3370
Drain Effect.: 100% 85% 66%
Chill Effect.: 50% 40% 33%
Normal Nightmare Hell
Defense: 25 451 1307
Block: 6% 6% 6%
Damage R.: 0 0 50
Magic R.: 0 0 0
Fire R.: 0 0 0
Cold R.: 0 0 0
Lightning R.: 0 0 0
Poison R.: 50 50 120
Immunities: - - Poison
Statistics Last Updated: 2009-03-07
Last updated: 2014/09/23 at 20:49
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