Diablo II

Hephasto the Armorer

Animated Hephasto the Armorer

Type: Demon

First appearance: Act IV Bosses

Description: When the Serephim who followed the Angel Inarius into battle were made to pay for the destruction of an infernal temple by an outraged Mephisto, many were forced into unholy servitude to the Lord of Hatred. Inarius himself was bound with tremendous chains as the wings were slowly torn from his back. Great barbed hooks were then used to stretch out his once glowing skin and his features were distorted by the vile powers of The Three. Hephasto, one of the weapon smiths of Inarius that was corrupted by Mephisto, rose through the ranks of Hell to become a master armorer for the forces of darkness. While his place at the fires of the Hellforge is coveted amongst jealous Overlords, none dare cross swords with him lest he take the anguish of his lost glory out upon their bloated bodies.

Tips and Behavior: Special Abilities: Conviction, Spectral Hit, Magic Resistant.

Hephasto's Conviction aura is very dangerous, especially if you are fighting him around Abyss Knights. He is weakest against Poison so use poison attacks against him whenever possible.

Image of Hephasto the Armorer

Hephasto the Armorer

Normal Nightmare Hell
Level: 25 60 88
Exp: 1593 40557 187372
HP: 760-760 10214-10214 49605-49605
Attack 1: 24-36 68-83 140-170
AR 1: 284 1287 3874
Attack 2: 24-36 68-83 140-170
AR 2: 747 1287 3874
Drain Effect.: 100% 85% 75%
Chill Effect.: 50% 40% 33%
Normal Nightmare Hell
Defense: 160 816 1704
Block: 30% 30% 30%
Damage R.: 0 0 50
Magic R.: 0 0 0
Fire R.: 0 0 75
Cold R.: 0 0 25
Lightning R.: 0 0 25
Poison R.: -50 -50 0
Immunities: - - -
Statistics Last Updated: 2009-03-07
Last updated: 2014/09/23 at 20:49
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