Diablo II


Animated Izual

Type: Animal

First appearance: Act IV Bosses

Description: From the Crystal Arch at the very heart of the High Heavens to the arcane Hellforge of the Underworld, the warriors of the eternal realms pursue victory in their timeless conflict. The legendary deeds of the heroes of the realms beyond elicit both veneration and insight.

The greatest of these heroes was Izual, lieutenant to the Archangel Tyrael and bearer of the Angelic Runeblade Azurewrath. He once led a fierce attack upon the Hellforge as the creation of the dark demonblade Shadowfang was nearing completion. During the battle that ensued, Izual was overcome by legions of Chaos and was lost to the Darkness.

Izual now remains as a dark, tortured soul who is trapped within the forsaken realms of Hell. Despite his valor and strength, his form was twisted by the perverse powers of the Prime Evils. They forced him to betray his own kind and give up Heaven's most guarded secrets. Izual became a corrupt shadow of his former self; a fallen angel trusted neither by Heaven nor Hell.

For his transgressions, the spirit of Izual was bound within the form of a terrible creature that was summoned from the Abyss. His maddened spirit has resided within that tortured husk for many ages now. Although he now certainly no longer carries the weapon Azurewrath, Izual still possesses great strength and powers within his new form. He is a threat to any who would oppose him, and in his current state, it is certain that he will see you as opposition.

Tips and Behavior: Izual can deal out substantial damage with his sword, chilling players in the process. He also has a Frost Nova he unleashes; while doing little damage, the chill duration is sufficient for Izual to quickly close the gap and land several hits.

Image of Izual


Normal Nightmare Hell
Level: 29 60 86
Exp: 22761 237724 1044247
HP: 11946-11946 41811-41811 57365-57365
Attack 1: 25-45 58-78 117-156
AR 1: 747 2340 6892
Attack 2: 25-45 58-78 117-156
AR 2: 747 2340 6892
Drain Effect.: 100% 75% 50%
Chill Effect.: 50% 33% 25%
Normal Nightmare Hell
Defense: 146 979 2002
Block: 50% 50% 50%
Damage R.: 30 30 30
Magic R.: 30 30 30
Fire R.: 30 30 30
Cold R.: 75 75 75
Lightning R.: 30 30 30
Poison R.: 30 30 30
Immunities: - - -
Statistics Last Updated: 2009-03-07
Last updated: 2014/09/23 at 20:49
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