Diablo II


Animated Mephisto

Type: Demon

First appearance: Act III Bosses

Description: Mephisto was the first Prime Evil to be captured, and his Soulstone was put into the hands of the local priesthood, the Zakarum, for safekeeping. They kept it under a Zakarum temple in what would eventually become Kurast. In the meantime, the Horadrim pursued and eventually captured all three of the Prime Evils.

Eventually, however, Mephisto managed to overcome the powers of the Soulstone that imprisoned him enough to influence and corrupt the Zakarum. The demon then had the priests work spells to shatter the Soulstone into seven shards, breaking the mystic seal and freeing the Lord of Hatred.

Tips and Behavior: Mephisto is first and foremost protected by many minions, including the dangerous Vampire Lords and his chief lieutenants, the high council members. He is no weakling himself, however, and has a variety of elemental attacks to back up his Prime Evil status. First and foremost are variations of the Sorceress' Lightning and Charged Bolt spells, which are used the most often. Both are fairly hard to avoid and could cause fair damage if no lightning resistance is used. Up close, Mephisto can unleash his high damaging melee attack, using his claws and tendrils to grasp and rip players apart. He also uses his version of the Poison Nova, which basically causes a fat cloud of green noxious gas to appear under his feet and poison anyone within several feet. The poison is relatively slow damaging but lasts for quite a long time, disrupting the use of slower health potions. His last attack, and his most damaging, is a giant blue orb of cold devastation that travels at high speed, practically unavoidable at close and medium range and hard to dodge even from a screen away. These do substantial damage and will chill the player. He can cast these rapidly (most often when the player is running away), and two of them in a row can really ruin a hardcore's day.

Quick Tips:
- There are three High Council bosses in the Durance of Hate 3, and they should be eliminated before attempting to fight Mephisto. They are dangerous in their own right and you don't need them interfering while taking Mephisto on. Either Void or Dragonhand can actually be avoided, as they spawn on opposite sides of the level. Pick one to eliminate and try not to provoke the other one.

- Melee players can have a relatively easy time just bashing away at Mephisto face to face. Here, lightning and poison resistance, as well as good blocking, is more important than cold. However, there is a pool of blood in a room behind Mephisto, and if you are unlucky a brigade of Vampire Lords will spawn there. They will rain Firewalls and Meteors down on you, and because melee players will be standing still a lot versus Mephisto, they are especially vulnerable to these fire spells.

- Artillery players opting to fight Mephisto from a range will have to contend with his Cold Ball attack, but otherwise they have an easy time of it. Run around onto Mephisto's platform, lure him near the edge of the river of blood near the Hell Gate. Then find some way to quickly dart to the other side of the river of blood, so that the red pool seperates you and the Lord of Hatred. You can do this by just being fast, or Portaling out and coming back down the stairs. All you need to see is the glowing mass of Mephisto near the edge of your screen, and you can stop and start firing away. Even if he sees you and attacks, he stands still a lot, so it's not hard to aim.

Image of Mephisto


Normal Nightmare Hell
Level: 26 59 87
Exp: 10718 240504 1148886
HP: 6036-6036 74547-74547 94320-94320
Attack 1: 50-75 78-107 156-215
AR 1: 665 2304 6968
Attack 2: 50-75 78-107 156-215
AR 2: 665 2304 6968
Drain Effect.: 100% 0% 0%
Chill Effect.: 25% 15% 10%
Normal Nightmare Hell
Defense: 193 1286 2697
Block: 20% 40% 50%
Damage R.: 0 0 20
Magic R.: 0 0 50
Fire R.: 33 50 75
Cold R.: 25 25 75
Lightning R.: 33 50 75
Poison R.: 50 50 75
Immunities: - - -
Statistics Last Updated: 2009-03-07
Last updated: 2014/09/23 at 20:49
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