Diablo II


Animated Talic

Type: Animal

First appearance: Act V Bosses

Description: Talic is from the Western Shores of the Barbarian Kingdom. At a young age, Talic had already mastered several of the barbarian skills. He was only 19 when he was called to serve the Ancients. Before his calling, he had only heard legends of Mt. Arreat. The Kae Huron mountain range, where lies Arreat, isn't even visible from warm waters he grew up around.

One morning there was a knock at his door. It was the town elder and an old woman. They entered as his wife and young child sat at the table. The woman was introduced as Kala the Seer for Sescheron the capital city of the Barbarian Tribes. She came to bestow upon Talic the ultimate task of protecting the sacred gates to Mt. Arreat. His reward for accepting such service would be eternity atop the mountain. While it was an honor beyond comprehension to be chosen for such a role, he would never be able to return home, nor see any of his family again.

Talic rose from his chair, standing a head taller than the Seer, and told her fiercely "I won't go." He had refused. He told the Seer to choose another. Kala looked at him and said the choice was not hers to make. The Ancients had spoken to her of a young warrior in the West named Talic. That was who they wanted, that was who they chose. Talic stared long at the Seer. Then finally, he nodded slowly in agreement, turned to his wife and child, kissed them goodbye, and journeyed to Mt. Arreat.

Tips and Behavior: Talic uses Whirlwind.

Talic is Fire Enchanted so Necromancers can take advantage of this enchantment by using a Fire Golem and Iron Maiden. Talic will take damage from the curse and the Golem will be healed by the Fire Damage. Talic will eventually kill himself.


Normal Nightmare Hell
Level: 37 68 87
Exp: 1 1 1
HP: 950-1140 9702-12936 38472-64120
Attack 1: 0-0 0-0 0-0
AR 1: 0 0 0
Attack 2: 0-0 0-0 0-0
AR 2: 0 0 0
Drain Effect.: 100% 100% 100%
Chill Effect.: 0% 0% 0%
Normal Nightmare Hell
Defense: 186 1140 2107
Block: 0% 0% 0%
Damage R.: 70 70 40
Magic R.: 0 0 0
Fire R.: 70 70 110
Cold R.: 0 0 50
Lightning R.: 0 0 50
Poison R.: 70 70 50
Immunities: - - -
Statistics Last Updated: 2009-03-07
Last updated: 2014/09/23 at 20:49
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