Diablo II


No Rogues, Warriors or Sorcerers will be playable in Diablo II, though they will be making appearances as NPC's. Hirable Rogues in Act I, Warriors in Act II and Sorcerers in Act III. For playable characters, there are all new choices. Two spell-casters (Necromancer and Sorceress), two fighters (Amazon and Barbarian) and a hybrid (Paladin). Each of these characters has thirty unique skills, and they all play very differently from each other, and depending on the skills you choose to focus on, your character will be quite different from another of the same class.

Characters can now run. Hold down the control key or hitting 'R' will activate this feature. You can run in town, subterranean levels or above ground as long as you have stamina. Certain aspects can affect running such as your Vitality level, the higher this is the longer you can run for before your stamina reserve is exhausted. Stamina is also affected by the weight of your armor with heavier armors causing your character to deplete stamina faster. You can increase speed by wearing some speed enhanced boots.

While running your defenses are severely decreased. If you are in range of a melee monster while running and they take a swing at you, they will hit you - unless you are carrying a shield, it's % chance to block will still be active as will the Amazon's Evade skill so there's still a chance you will avoid being hit with those.

A new finger-saving device is the 'continuous-attack', where you can initiate an attack against a monster, and as long as you keep the mouse button pressed, your character will continue attacking until the monster (or your character) is dead. Each class has a different attack rate, as do weapons. Another new trick is that when you hit a monster, (or other hostile character) you will see a brief flash (around 1 out of every 5 hits) of green, yellow or red indicating the relative health of the monster. Holding shift will keep you stationary whilst you attack as it did in Diablo.

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