Diablo II

Magic Suffixes

The numbers in brackets listed next to the items the prefixes appear on are the affix levels. They are used in several calculations (Gambling, Horadric Cube Recipes, Crafting, more). These are not to be confused with the Level Requirements that you actually see listed on items. These levels are also not the character levels required to use or find these prefixes. A level of 30 on a prefix doesn't mean you have to be 30 to see or use it. However, if your character level is at that level shown next to the item, you will be able to create (Horadric Cube) and Gamble these magical bonuses.

Item Level Requirements
When items list a Level Requirement, the number listed is 75% of the highest prefix or suffix level (as shown on this page) on the item. For example, a weapon with a Meteoric(27) as the highest prefix (or suffix) would have a level requirement of 20. Rare Items do not list the magic prefixes and suffixes by name so you will have to figure out based on their stats what magic prefixes and suffixes are being used.

Items shown in yellow can appear on both Magic and Rare Items. Items shown in violet can only appear on Magic Items but not Rare Items.

  • Armor = Body Armor, Boots, Gloves, Belts, Helms, Paladin Shields, Necromancer Shrunken Heads
  • Head = Shrunken Heads
  • Weapon = Missile Weapon, Melee Weapon, Thrown Weapon
  • Combo Weapon = Melee Weapons, Thrown Weapons
  • Missile Weapons = Amazon Bows, Bows, Crossbows, Amazon Javelins
  • Melee Weapons = Amazon Spears, Javelins, Wands, Staves, Maces, Swords, Katars, Orbs, Axes, Spears, Polearms
  • Thrown Weapons = Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes, Javelins
  • Javelin = Spear
  • Rod = Scepters, Wands, Staves

The numbers in Brackets (level)[number] show the range of bonus for that level.

+ Strength
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Strength +1-3 Amulets(1), Belts(1), Circlets(1), Clubs(1), Hammers(1), Body armor(5), Maces(5), Rings(1-4)[1](5)[1-2], Scepters(5), Gloves(1-11)[1](12)[1-2], Melee weapons(12), Shields(12)
Might +4-6 Amulets(10), Belts(10), Circlets(10), Clubs(10), Hammers(10), Body armor(21), Maces(21), Rings(21), Scepters(21), Gloves(33), Melee weapons(33), Shields(33)
Ox +7-10 Amulets(26), Belts(26), Circlets(26), Clubs(26), Hammers(26), Body armor(38), Maces(38), Rings(38), Scepters(38), Gloves(45), Melee weapons(45), Shields(45)
Giant +11-15 Amulets(42), Belts(42), Circlets(42), Clubs(42), Hammers(42) Body armor(55), Maces(55), Rings(55), Scepters(55) Gloves(59), Melee weapons(59)
Titan +16-20 Amulets(58), Belts(58), Circlets(58), Clubs(58), Hammers(58) Body armor(74), Maces(74), Rings(74), Scepters(74)
Atlas +21-30 Amulets(71), Belts(71), Circlets(71), Clubs(71), Hammers(71)
+ Dexterity
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Dexterity +1-3 Amulets(2)[1-2], Bows(2)[1-2], Circlets(2)[1-2], Crossbows(2)[1-2], Gloves(1-12)[1](6)[1-2], Rings(1-5)[1](6)[1-2], Body armor(13)[2-3], Boots(1-12)[1](13)[2-3]
Skill +4-6 Amulets(11)[3-5], Bows(11)[3-5], Circlets(11)[3-5], Crossbows(11)[3-5], Gloves(22)[3-5], Rings(22)[3-5], Body armor(34)[4-5], Boots(34)[4-5]
Accuracy +7-10 Amulets(27), Bows(27), Circlets(27), Crossbows(27), Gloves(39), Rings(39), Body armor(46), Boots(46)
Precision +11-15 Amulets(43), Bows(43), Circlets(43), Crossbows(43), Gloves(56), Rings(56), Body armor(60), Boots(60)
Perfection +16-20 Amulets(59), Bows(59), Circlets(59), Crossbows(59), Gloves(75), Rings(75)
Nirvana +21-30 Amulets(72), Bows(72), Circlets(72), Crossbows(72)
+ Mana
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Energy +1-3 Amulets(1-4)[1](1)[1-3], Circlets(1-4)[1](1)[1-3], Orbs(1-4)[1](1)[1-3], Staves(1-4)[1](1)[1-3], Wands(1-4)[1](1)[1-3], Helms(1-4)[1](4)[1-3], Scepters(4)[1-3], Rings(1-4)[1](7)[1-3]
Mind +4-6 Amulets(7), Circlets(7), Orbs(7), Staves(7), Wands(7), Helms(10), Scepters(10), Rings(13)
Brilliance +7-10 Amulets(13), Circlets(13), Orbs(13), Staves(13), Wands(13), Helms(16), Scepters(16), Rings(21)
Sorcery +11-15 Amulets(21), Circlets(21), Orbs(21), Staves(21), Wands(21), Helms(26), Scepters(26), Rings(31)
Wizardry +16-20 Amulets(31), Circlets(31), Orbs(31), Staves(31), Wands(31), Rings(41)
Enlightenment +21-30 Amulets(41), Circlets(41), Orbs(41), Staves(41), Wands(41)
Memory +0.75-74.25 (Based on Character Level) Amulets(20), Circlets(20), Druid pelts(20)
+ Life
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Jackal +1-5 Amulets(1), Barbarian helms(1), Belts(1), Body armor(1), Circlets(1), Druid pelts(4), Shields(4), Clubs(8), Hammers(8), Helms(8), Maces(8), Rings(8)
Fox +6-10 Amulets(7), Barbarian helms(7), Belts(7), Body armor(7), Circlets(7), Druid pelts(11), Shields(11), Clubs(17), Hammers(17), Helms(17), Maces(17), Rings(17)
Wolf +11-20 Amulets(15), Barbarian helms(15), Belts(15), Body armor(15), Circlets(15), Druid pelts(27), Shields(27), Clubs(34), Hammers(34), Helms(34), Maces(34), Rings(34)
Tiger +21-30 Amulets(20), Barbarian helms(20), Belts(20), Body armor(20), Circlets(20), Druid pelts(43), Shields(43), Clubs(51), Hammers(51), Helms(51), Maces(51), Rings(51)
Mammoth +31-40 Amulets(25), Body armor(25), Belts(25), Barbarian helms(25), Circlets(25), Druid pelts(59), Shields(59), Clubs(68), Hammers(68), Helms(68), Maces(68), Rings(68)
Colossus +41-60 Amulets(30), Barbarian helms(30), Belts(30), Body armor(30), Circlets(30), Druid pelts(75), Shields(75)
Squid +61-80 Amulets(40), Barbarian helms(40), Belts(40), Body armor(40), Circlets(40)
Whale +81-100 Amulets(50), Barbarian helms(50), Belts(50) Body armor(50), Circlets(50)
Centaur +0.75-74.25 (Based on Character Level) Amulets(20), Barbarian helms(20), Body armor(20), Druid pelts(20)
+ Life and Mana
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Elephant +0.5-49.5 to Life
+0.25-24.75 to Mana
(Based on Character Level)
Circlets(37), Druid pelts(37)
+ Light Radius
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Light +1 Amulets(1-5)[+10 AR](6)[15], Body armor(6)[15], Rings(1-5)[+10 AR](6)[15], Rods(6)[15]
Radiance +3 Amulets(15), Bows(15), Crossbows(15), Helms(15), Rings(15), Rods(15)
Sun +5 Amulets(17), Bows(17), Crossbows(17), Gloves(17), Helms(17), Rings(17), Rods(17)
The base Light Radius is 13. The Max Light Radius you can have is 18 so anything more than +5 to Light Radius will not do anything.
+ Minimum Damage (will not spawn on Wands, Staves, and Orbs)
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Worth +1-3 Weapons(1)[1-2], Amulets(15)[2-3], Circlets(15)[2-3], Rings(15)[2-3]
Measure +3-5 Weapons(12)[3-4], Amulets(37)[4-5], Rings(37)[4-5], Circlets(37)[4-5]
Excellence +5-9 Weapons(24)[5-8], Amulets(59)[6-9], Circlets(59)[6-9], Rings(59)[6-9]
Performance +9-14 Weapons(48)[9-14], Rings(81)[10-13], Amulets(81)[10-13], Circlets(81)[10-13]
Transcendence +15-20 Weapons(76)
+ Maximum Damage (will not spawn on Wands, Staves, and Orbs)
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Craftsmanship +1-5 Amulets(1)[1], Circlets(1-7)[1-2](8-14)[2-3](15)[4-5], Rings(1)[1], Weapons(1)[1]
Quality +2-9 Weapons(4)[2] Circlets(23-29)[6-7](30)[7-8]
Maiming +3-12 Weapons(7)[3-4], Amulets(42)[3-4], Circlets(37-44)[9-10](45)[11-12], Rings(42)[3-4], Shields(42)[3-4]
Slaying +5-7 Weapons(11)
Gore +8-10 Weapons(14)
Carnage +11-14 Weapons(19)
Slaughter +15-20 Weapons(25)
Butchery +21-40 Weapons(35)
Evisceration +41-63 Weapons(45)
+ Fire Damage
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Flame Adds 1 Min
and 2-6 Max
Weapons(1-3)[2 max](4)[1-(2-5 max)], Amulets(40)[2-6 max], Gloves(40)[2-6 max], Rings(40)[2-6 max]
Fire Adds 1-4 Min
and 6-11 Max
Burning Adds 5-9 Min
and 10-20 Max
Incineration Adds 10-20 Min
and 21-75 Max
Melee weapons(43)
+ Cold Damage
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Frost Adds 1 Min
and 1-2 Max
Cold Duration: 1-2 seconds
Weapons(1-3)[1 max, 1 second](4)[1-2 max, 2 seconds], Amulets(55)[3-6 max, 2 seconds], Belts(55)[3-6 max, 2 seconds]
Icicle Adds 1 Min
and 3-4 Max
Cold Duration: 3 seconds
Glacier Adds 2-4 Min
and 4-15 Max
Cold Duration: 4 seconds
Winter Adds 5-9 Min
and 16-50 Max
Cold Duration: 5 seconds
Melee weapons(45)
+ Lightning Damage
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Shock Adds 1 Min
and 6-23 Max
Weapons(1-3)[3 max](4)[6-8 max], Amulets(50)[11-23 max], Boots(50)[11-23 max], Rings(50)[11-23 max]
Lightning Adds 1 Min
and 9-16 Max
Thunder Adds 1 Min
and 17-40 Max
Storms Adds 1 Min
and 41-120 Max
Melee weapons(34)
+ Poison Damage
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Blight Adds 1-50 Poison Damage over 2-3 Seconds (Ring/Amu)
Adds 7 Poison Damage over 3 seconds (Weapons/Circlets)
Circlets(5)[7 over 3 sec], Weapons(1-4)[1 over 2 sec](5)[7 over 3 sec], Amulets(45)[50 over 3 sec], Rings(45)[50 over 3 sec]
Venom Adds 21 Poison Damage over 4 Seconds Circlets(15), Weapons(15)
Pestilence Adds 50 Poison Damage over 5 Seconds Circlets(25), Weapons(25)
Anthrax Adds 100 Poison Damage over 6 Seconds Weapons(33)
Poison Length Reduction
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Remedy Reduced by 25% Amulets(7), Armor(7), Circlets(7), Rings(7)
Amelioration Reduced by 50% Amulets(18), Body armor(18), Circlets(18), Shields(18)
Defiance Reduced by 75% Amulets(25), Body armor(25), Circlets(25), Shields(25)
Life Stolen
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Leech 2-5% Life Stolen Per Hit Weapons(6)[4-5%], Circlets(14)[3-4%], Rings(14)[3-5%] Amulets(24)[2-3%] Gloves(34)[3%]
Locust 4-7% Life Stolen Per Hit Melee weapons(20)[6-7%], Circlets(47)[5-6%], Amulets(57)[4-5%] Rings(47)[5-6%]
Lamprey 6-9% Life Stolen Per Hit Melee weapons(55)[8-9%], Circlets(77)[7-8%], Amulets(85)[6%] Rings(77)[7-8%]

The steal comes from how much damage you do to the monster. So 5% Life Stolen will return 5% of the damage you do to a monster. Life and Mana steal only work on melee and physical ranged attacks. Only Triumphant Items will return mana when using Elemental attacks and Bone Spells.

Some monsters and objects, like Skeletons and Fire Towers, will not give life when attacked.

Mana Stolen
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Bat 2-5 Mana Stolen Per Hit Weapons(7)[4-5%], Amulets(15)[3-4%], Circlets(15)[3-4%] Gloves(35)[3%] Rings(25)[2-3%]
Wraith 4-7% Mana Stolen Per Hit Melee weapons(21)[6-7%], Amulets(58)[5-6%], Circlets(58)[5-6%] Rings(58)[4-5%]
Vampire 6-9% Mana Stolen Per Hit Melee weapons(56)[8-9%], Amulets(78)[7-8%], Circlets(78)[7-8%], Rings(86)[6%]

The steal comes from how much damage you do to the monster. So 5% Life Stolen will return 5% of the damage you do to a monster. Life and Mana steal only work on melee and physical ranged attacks. Only Triumphant Items will return mana when using Elemental attacks and Bone Spells.

+ Life Regeneration
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Regeneration Replenish Life +3-5 Amulets(1-9)[2](10)[3-5], Belts(10)[3-5], Circlets(1-9)[2](10)[3-5], Rings(10)[3-5], Scepters(10)[3-5], Gloves(40)[3-5], Shields(40)[3-5], Body armor(70)[3-5], Weapons(70)[3-5], Boots(70)[3-5]
Regrowth Replenish Life +6-10 Amulets(17)[6-10], Circlets(17)[6-10], Scepters(17)[6-10], Belts(55)[6-9], Rings(55)[6-9]
Revivification Replenish Life +11-15 Amulets(38), Scepters(38), Circlets(38)

Health does not regenerate unless helped with Potions, items or spells. Items with Life Regeneration will slowly restore Life in between battles.

+ Weapon Speeds
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Readiness 10% Increase Weapons(5), Gloves(20)
Alacrity 20% Increase Weapons(25), Gloves(43)
Swiftness 30% Increase Melee weapons(34)
Quickness 40% Increase Melee weapons(46)
+ Chance to Block
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Blocking +10% Increased Blocking, 15% Faster Block Rate Shields(1)
Deflecting +20% Increased Blocking, 30% Faster Block Rate Shields(11)
Faster Hit Recovery
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Balance 10% Faster Armor(5)
Equilibrium 17% Faster Belts(9), Body armor(9), Shields(9)
Stability 24% Faster Body armor(18), Belts(18)

This will allow you to recover from being stunned much faster when hit by a Monster. This is especially useful for characters that do a lot of melee fighting or that cannot afford to be stunned for very long.

Do Fast/Faster/Fastest Hit Recovery items stack?

Damage Reduction
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Health Reduced by 1 Amulets(7), Body armor(7), Circlets(7), Rings(7), Shields(7)
Protection Reduced by 2 Amulets(18), Circlets(18)(24), Rings(18), Body armor(24), Shields(24)
Absorption Reduced by 3 Amulets(26), Circlets(26)(32), Body armor(32), Shields(32)
Life Reduced by 4-7 Amulets(35)[4], Circlets(35)[4](41)[4-7], Body armor(41)[4-7], Shields(41)[4-7]
Life Everlasting Reduced by 10-25 Amulet(45), Circlets(45)
Amicae Reduced by 8-15 Body armor(51), Circlets(51), Shields(51)
Magic Damage Reduction
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Warding Reduced by 1 Amulets(7), Body armor(7), Circlets(7) Orbs(7), Rings(7), Shields(7)
Sentinel Reduced by 2 Amulets(18), Circlets(18)(24), Orbs(18), Rings(18), Body armor(24), Shields(24)
Guarding Reduced by 3 Amulets(26), Circlets(26)(32), Orbs(26), Body armor(32), Shields(32)
Negation Reduced by 4 Body armor(41), Circlets(41)(42), Shields(41), Amulets(42), Orbs(42)

At first glance, the damage reduction might appear to be minimal but Magical Damage Reduction reduces damage beyond the stated amount. Magic Damage Reduction can provide a huge reduction in damage especially in the case of magical attacks that do damage over time such as Fire Wall, Meteor, Blizzard, and Finger Mage attacks. In those cases, Magical Damage reduction applies multiple times per second. When you combine Magic Damage Reduction (even -1) with high Resistances you can sometimes ignore or receive no damage from such attacks. The damage is reduced after Resistances are applied.

What is Magic Damage?
Magic Damage in this case is Fire, Cold, Lightning and Magic Damage (Bone Spells from Oblivion Knights).

Extra Gold From Monsters
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Greed +25-40% Amulets(1), Circlets(1), Rings(1)
Wealth +41-80% Amulets(17), Belts(17), Boots(17), Circlets(17), Gloves(17)
Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Chance 5-15% Amulets(12), Boots(12), Circlets(12), Gloves(12), Rings(12)
Fortune 16-25% Amulets(16), Boots(16), Circlets(16), Gloves(16), Rings(42)
Luck 26-35% Amulets(26), Boots(26), Circlets(26)

"% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item" can provide a significant increase in the number Unique, Rare, and Set Items you find. Players that wish to find "good" Rare Items will want to invest heavily in this magical bonus. Example: +0% Chance of Getting Magic Item you will have a 3.327% Chance to find a Rare Exceptional Item. However with +250% Chance, you will have a 8.292% Chance to find a Rare Exceptional Item when fighting a Level 90 Monster. "% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item" does not increase the Chances of getting an Exceptional Item but if you do roll an Exceptional Item the chance of that being Magical/Rare will increase.

I have a 100% better chance of getting magic items but I don't get them all the time, why?
This is base upon the monsters chance to drop an item. With a 100% better chance of getting a magic item, a monster with a 1% chance of dropping a magical item would have that random chance go up to 2%.

What exactly are "Magic Items"
Magic Items in this definition include Magic Items, Set Items, Unique Items, and Rare Items.

Will this work on Barrels, Chests, or other non Monsters that drop items?

Will this work to increase finding Magic Items with the Barbarian's Find Item Skill?

Will this work with Minions and Hirelings?

Will this help getting better Items from Gambling?

How does this work in a Party?
The chance to get a Magic Item will be determined on the player that makes the killing blow on the monster. If the party has several items that give a Better Chance of Getting Magic Item, they are not added together, whichever party member makes the killing blow will determine the chance of getting a Magic Item. For the best results, have the player in the party that has the best Chance of Getting a Magic Item finish off all the monsters.

- Cast Time
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Apprentice 10% Faster Amulets(5), Circlets(5), Orbs(5), Rings(5), Rods(5)
Magus 20% Faster Circlets(29), Orbs(29), Rods(29)

Which Skills are affected by Fast Cast Rate?
This does not apply to combat but instead only those skills that use a Cast animation. An example of this would be Fire Bolt or Inner Sight.

Do Fast/Fastest Cast Rate items stack?

Attacker Takes Damage
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Thorns 1-3 Belts(1-13)[1](14)[1-3], Body armor(1-13)[1](14)[1-3], Circlets(14)[1-3], Shields(1-13)[1](14)[1-3]
Spikes 4-6 Belts(21), Body armor(21), Circlets(21), Shields(21)
Razors 7-9 Body armor(34), Circlets(34), Shields(34)
Swords 10-20 Body armor(47), Circlets(47), Shields(47)
-% Item Requirements
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Ease Requirements -20% Body armor(15), Shields(15), Weapons(15)
Simplicity Requirements -30% Body armor(25), Shields(25), Weapons(25)

Requirements -%, is that for this item only or all my items?
This item only.

Items of Ease and Simplicity are useful for classes with low Strength such as the Sorceress and Necromancer. Lowered Item Requirements can allow them to wear certain armor types that they would otherwise be unable to wear due to the high Strength requirements.

Faster Walk/Run Speed
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Pacing 10% Faster Boots(12), Circlets(12)
Haste 20% Faster Boots(22), Circlets(22)
Speed 30% Faster Boots(37), Circlets(37)
Transportation 30% Faster,
Heal Stamina Plus 80-90%
Acceleration 40% Faster Boots(51)

These suffixes are really helpful to your character because they allow you to increase your walking and running speed without eating up additional stamina. Your character will be able to dodge monsters and run long distances much easier when using items that increase walking/running speed.

Speed items stack, so if you happen to find two items with this statistic on them, they will combine to result in even faster Walking/Running Speeds.

Monster Knockback
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Bear Knockback Melee weapons(8)
Attack Ignores Target's Defense
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Piercing Ignores Target's Defense Katars(25), Daggers(25), Rods(25)

When attacking Monsters, the target's Defense will not be counted which should make them easier to attack.

Prevent Monster Healing
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Vileness Prevent Monster Heal Melee weapons(9)

Prevents the normal healing of a monster damaged by an item with this property.

Freeze Length Reduction
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Thawing Half Freeze Duration Amulets(10), Boots(10), Circlets(10), Gloves(10), Orbs(10), Rings(10), Shields(10)
Repair Durability
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Self-Repair Repair Durability (3) Armor(3), Weapons(3)
Fast-Repair Repair Durability (5) Armor(20), Weapons(20)
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Ages Indestructible Armor(50), Weapons(50)
Replenish Quantity
Attribute Adjust. Available on
Replenishing Replenish Quantity (5) Throwing weapons(5)
Propogation Replenish Quantity (10) Throwing weapons(24)
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