The alliance of Lordaeron

Forming the alliance

With the arrival of the Azerothien refugees upon the shores of Lordaeron, King Terenas formed a council of delegates from each of the seven kingdoms under his rule. Recounting terrible tales of destruction and carnage wrought by the Orcish invaders in Azeroth, the Steward Lord Auduin Lothar convinced the sovereign of Lordaeron to unite themselves against this great threat. Despite much quarreling and debate, the lords acquiesced to Lothar found a strong ally in his long time friend Admiral Daelin Proudmoore of the seaside to offer his support to this newly forged Alliance, sensing that time for glorious battle was at hand. These warriors were not the only ones to get ready for battle...

As the holy writ commandeth that the whole armor of righteousness be worn in the war against evil, Alonsus Faol - Abbot of the now destroyed Northshire Abbey - convinced the ecclesiastic ministers of Lordaeron to gird their priests and followers alike with weapons of war. As the guardians took up swords of light to defend the heavens, so must the holy men of earth be prepared to combat the dark tide that was quickly approaching from the south.

From the ancient subterranean halls of Khaz Modan came the stoic Dwarves of Ironforge, reporting that the Orcs had already begun to assault their mountain kingdom. The Dwarves offered their support n arms and ingenious technologies to the Alliance, who in turn assured them the Orcs would be driven back at all costs.

The reclusive Elves of Silvermoon ventured forth from the shadowy forests of Quel'thalas to offer their services to the Alliance. Their magiks, so closely tied to the forces of the earth, had shown evidence that the Orcs had been defiling the very lands of Lordaeron as part of their sinister plans. The ill-bred prejudice that had existed for eons amongst the three races put aside, and a bond was formed between these ancient neighbors. This bond would become a force known across the whole of Lordaeron as the Alliance.

Thus, united in arms against a common foe, the Alliance stands upon the shores of destiny and awaits the coming of the Tides of Darkness.

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