Dark Stone

Shortcut Keys

  • Esc - Brings up main menu Eye
  • Tab - Toggles map on/off
  • F1-F4 - Uses belt slot 1 through to 4 for first character
  • F5-F8 - Uses belt slot 1 through to 4 for second character
  • F9-F12 - Changes camera view
  • Page up/down - Changes between charcters
  • 1-8 - Changes active spell slot
  • B - Spell book
  • D - Yells out "Help" and turns off solo mode if using two characters
  • F - Toggles combat mode between manual and automatic
  • G - Toggles solo mode on/off
  • H - Opens previous dialogue window
  • I - Inventory Eye
  • L - Places visited Eye
  • O - Changes shadows Eye
  • Q - Quicksave
  • R - Rest *
  • S - Opens spell book while key is pressed
  • T - Skills
Binding spells to a spell slot
To place a spell in a spell slot (for keys 1-8), press the number you want to use, open your spell book, hold dwn shift and left click on the spell you want to bind to the selected slot. You can change the spell bound to a slot at any time.
Looking around a dungeon map
Hold down shift and press the arrow keys while in a dungeon with the map overlay up allows you to move the map. Useful for finding spots you've missed.

* Resting will cause you to age much faster, which can cause problems in novice difficulty before potions of youth are easy to obtain.

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