Dark Stone

Enter the world of Darkstone and leave your identity at the door. Surviving this medieval world, living under the shadow of a nefarious dragon, will require nothing less than a complete transformation. As a knight, monk, thief or sorcerer, you will creep through dungeons, explore towns and wilderness, and slay armies of nasty enemies on your quest to collect seven crystals that can defeat your fire-breathing nemesis. Look deep inside yourself. Is there a dragon slayer within?

Wednesday 27 February 2008
5:24pm [PST]
Links page removed

I've removed the links page because of a lack of sites to link to.

Sunday 1 July 2007
1:35pm [PST]
Site update

I've removed dead links from the links page, again... there's not much left now. I've also been going over the site and changing a few little things, and changing/validating the underlying code. So, if I've broken the site for anyone and it's obviously not displaying correctly, please let me know what's broken, and what operating system and web browser you're running so that I can try to fix it.

Tuesday 4 September 2002
10:53am [PST]

I just noticed I had a lot of dead links in the links section. Those have now been removed. It seems a lot of sites have disappeared.

I also wanted to say I'm still around, and haven't abandoned the site. There just hasn't been much to do or post about. But I'm still answering emails.

Friday 31 March 2000
11:37pm [PST]
Official Quest Editor

The official quest editor has finally been released. You can view the tutorial here.

Thursday 24 February 2000
12:35am [PST]
Walk-through for new quests

I've just updated the quests section with help on the new quests included in v1.05, Journey in Uma.

There are a few things such as the Rogues' Ring that I didn't know what to do with, but all the essential quest information is in there.

Wednesday 16 February 2000
10:51pm [PST]
Patch version 1.05b

V1.05b has been released, after they found a couple of bugs in v1.05. If you already have v1.05, you can upgrade to v1.05b (US, European), or you can go straight from v1.04 to v1.05b (US, European).

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