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Quest Editor Tutorial


QuestEdit is a program which allows you to create your own quests for Darkstone.

IMPORTANT: The quests in Darkstone are based on the recovery of the 7 crystals to obtain the time orb. QuestEdit proposes to hold the crystals for the advanture you want to create. It is important that the players find these 7 crystals during their adventure to be able to beat Draak.

NOTE: Click on the eyes in this tutorial for pictures.

What you should know before you start:

This tutorial is designed to guide you through QuestEdit with a simple example of quest functions. It is highly recommended to follow this tutorial chapter by chapter if you want to control QuestEdit.
- Open QuestEdit, then create a new quest (Empty page icon or File menu and New)
- First select the language for your quest: Select Text and default language in the menu choose English. Remember to save while using this tutorial, at least save at the end of each chapter.
- To save, select Save as in the menu file and save the file as tutorial.qst for example. After that, update your save by clicking on Save.

NOTE: The name you give to your save will correspond to the name of your quest in the game.

The QuestEdit interface:

In QuestEdit there are 2 principal windows; one with 4 creation modules and the second one is for the editor.

The module window:


This window contains all you need to make your quest in Darkstone.
- The machine module: In this module you create the traps and the interactivity between the different elements of your quest.
- The object module: List of the objects you have in your quests.
- The monster module: List of the monsters and characters you have in your quest.
- The room module: List of the sites and rooms.

The editor window:


This window is a graphic view which permits you to organize the elements of your quests (A hiƩrarchy edition mode ), and to build in 3D the different rooms ( 3D edition mode ).

Using markers:

QuestEdit allows you to place markers in order to move easily between the different elements of your quest.
- Go to the edition window in hierarchy mode.
- Click the right mouse button and choose Marker in the popup menu.
- Click on the Add buttom then rename to name marker.
- Click Ok to validate.
You can place as many markers as you want.
- Use the shortcut Ctrl + G to select the marker you want and click on the Goto button.

Chapter 1: Creation of the sites
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