Dark Stone

The Astral Hand Draak, Dungeon Level: 31

Skip down to killing him.


The final battle, but first the Time Orb needs to be recreated. Place all seven crystals on the stands outside the entrance to level 29, in no particular order, and then talk to Sebastian. He will praise you for finding all the crystals, and use them to recreate the Time Orb. This prevents Draak from healing, which he does once he reaches half health, for 25 seconds.

Next go down to level 31, but be careful when you enter, for you will be attacked by about 5 scorpions. Then go to the other side of the room and through the teleportation pad to take you to the main room, again you will be attacked fairly quickly (happens every time in this level). In this room there are four teleportation pads, the one next to where you appear goes back to the previous room, and then as you walk around the edge you will come to three more.

As you walk around, the first teleportation pad you come to (depending on which way you go) will either take you to a room with fire-breathing faces on the walls, or one will a deep pit in the middle, and the second one will take you to the Dragon Knights room. In all three rooms will be another teleportation pad leading to Draak's room, but there's a few things you can get in the various rooms.

In the room with the fire-breathing faces (use reflection before entering, and watch out for the scorpions), you will find 2 Potions of Vitality, a Potion of Youth (watch out for the spectre when opening the chests), and a teleportation pad leading to Draak's room. Then there's a pad leading back to the main room about halfway through Draak's room.

In the room with the large pit in the middle, there's a wyvern which has a Dragon Scale (this one isn't for the town quest you may have received. Take this to the Dragon Knights room, which is the second teleportation pad when walking around the main room. Once in there, use the Dragon Scale to click on each emblem, and you will end up with 4 Potions of Power (each one gives you +1 strength), and then go through the teleportation pad to Draak's Room. That's the last of the things to get from this level. You don't have to get them, they're not needed for killing Draak, they're just nice to have.

Killing Draak

Walk down to the end of the room and you will find Draak standing there, and when you get near him he will start talking, and then turn into a Dragon. I normally just cast invisibility and reflection before doing this, and then hit him once and lure him away from his Wyverns which he summons up, and then there's a couple of ways to kill him. You can either just take a few potions (how many will depend how much health/mana you have), and then just cast berserker and keep hitting him until he has about half health left, The Time Orb and then use the Time Orb (it's a good idea to put this in a belt slot so that you can use the appropriate F hotkey) and continue hitting him until he dies. For a ranged attacker, just use reflection and you shouldn't need any health potions, just enough mana potions to keep reflection up.

Or another way, which is kind of cheating and not much fun, so it's best to do it the other way if you can, is to lead Draak to where the teleportation pad is and then go behind it (not in it), and Draak can't hit you but you can still get him with poison cloud or magic bomb or some such spell, and probably any other ranged weapon (I'm not quite sure about other ranged weapons since I've never tried, but I do know he can't hit you there).

Another trick which is kind of cheating, is if you can see that you won't be able to kill him before the time runs out (since you only get 25 seconds after you use the Time Orb), then make sure you run away just before it runs out and return to town. Next go all the way back up to Serkesh and get Sebastian to recharge the Time Orb, and then go back to town where your portal to Draak's room is, but just before entering town from the land of Ardyl, cast invisibility, so that you can go down the portal with invisibility on, which will make sure he doesn't heal before you can use the Time Orb again. Now when you're back down and near Draak, use the Time Orb and you have another 25 seconds to kill him. Do this as much as is needed.

Once he's dead he will drop 3 items, The Astral Hand, a key, and a random item just like any normal creature. Take the key back to where you found Draak standing, and to the back there's a gate, use the key to open this and you will find Draak's stash of gold, 195000gp.

Then go back up to town one last time (you will find that everyone has been turned to stone, so you won't be able to deposit the gold until the next game). Now put the Astral Hand upon the DarkStone in the middle of town, and you have now saved the land of Uma.

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