Dark Stone

Mirror of Truth Mika the Witch, Dungeon Levels: 1-4, Crystal of Wisdom Mirror of Lies

Long ago, Mika the witch cast a curse on the women of the village, if any were ever more beautiful then she was, they would be turned to stone. Well, now Mika has grown old, and all the women in the village are more beautiful, subsequently turning them all to stone. If only there was a way to deceive her into thinking she was beautiful again...

Well down on level 2, you need to find a mirror, which you need to keep until you reach level 4. There you will find someone who has been deceived by a mirror, and thinking he was old and ugly, sought out the fountain of youth, only to find it dried up. Give him the mirror you found on level 2 and he will see the truth behind the mirror he was previously using, and having no further use of it, he gives the deceptive mirror to you. Take this mirror up to the witch, and she shall think she is beautiful again, and the women of the village will once again be flesh and blood. To get the Crystal of Wisdom, talk to one of the men in the village.

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