Dark Stone

The Reeds The Reeds, Dungeon Levels: 5-8, Crystal of Virtue

In the land of Ardyl you will run into a Fairy Lake with a fairy floating beside it, and when you talk to the fairy she tells you about the snake charming song.

Well on levels 5-8 you should find 5 reeds, ranging from small to large, and on level 8 there will be a room with 5 faces on a wall (screenshot). You need to put the reeds in their mouths, from left to right, smallest to largest. Then they will start to sing and the snakes in the room next to you will become hypnotized for a little while, kill them as quickly as you can before taking the crystal, because once the crystal has been taken, the snakes will wake from their state of hypnosis and attack.

Tip: Apparently in the Playstation version, you can sell the Reeds to Elmeric for quite a lot of gold after getting the crystal. Thanks to Steven Dare for that tip.

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