Dark Stone

Ocular Globes The Eye of Ra, Dungeon Levels: 9-12, Crystal of Bravery The Three Bothers
Brother Jean

This is a rather long quest. When you explore the land of Marghor you will find a carpenters place, talk to the monk there and he will tell you that he is blind, and he needs the Eye of Ra to see again, and then asks you to find it for him.

Now go down to level 9 and you will find a Statuette room, however the statue in there is missing its eyes, which you have to find. Explore the rest of that level and you should find 2 golden Ocular Globes, go back to the statuette room and place them in the statue.

Now continue down to level 10 where you will find another statuette room, however there's only one silver Ocular Globe on this level, the next silver globe is on level 11, which you need to bring back to level 10 and place it in the statue. You will also find yet another statuette room on level 11, with only one bronze Ocular Globe there, the next being on level 12. Once you have all 3 statues, explore level 12 until you find the Solar Room, there you will find a clock type pattern on the ground, and on the walls will be various clues.

You need to place the statues in a specific order on the ground, the gold statue, representing the first and richest brother, goes on 7 (the square next to the roman numeral VI), the silver statue, which equals the sum of the other 2, goes on square 10 (the square next to the roman numeral IX), and the bronze statue, equalling the number of brothers, goes on 3 (III) (screenshot). Eye of Ra Once that is done, a door will open to a room with the Eye of Ra inside (you can't miss the room, since the camera changes angle to show it to you). Magnifying Glass Now take the Eye of Ra back to the monk at the carpenters place, and he will give you a Magnifying glass.

After you have finished that first part of the quest, go to Bartalans Island, and you will find Gal fishing nearby. Click on the basket beside him and take a fish, and then take it back to the carpenter, who will fix something for you in return. Remember the broken bridge at Bartalans Island? You need to lead him there. After he fixes it and you can cross, take the Magnifying Glass and use it to read the second sign on the island. Now, you can either follow the instructions on the sign,Bible or you can just use the telekinesis spell (if you haven't got it, Elmeric should sell some scrolls of telekinesis) to open the chest, then again to pick up the bible.

Next, head over to the Temple of Eras and place offerings of food on the empty plates you find there, and when Eras appears, show him the bible. Then you need to find a lost soul... such as the monk back at the carpenters place. Once you have given Eras' Bible to the monk, return to Eras and he will give you the Crystal of Bravery. Though be careful when leaving the temple, because Draak is not happy with your progress and sends an ambush.

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