Dark Stone

The Hives, Dungeon Levels: 9-12, Crystal of Bravery

This quest starts off in the land of Marghor when you run into a village whose people are worried over strange noises coming from the well. Your job is to venture down into this well and find the source of these noises.

Once you enter the well, you will come to a very small level 9 with a couple of barrels there, have a look in them and then go to the next level. Somewhere on level 10, you find Elwon on The Throne of Terror, wake him from his eternal sleep, kill him, and take the Armor of Fear (you may either sell this, or use it to help you in what's to come).

Now on to level 11, where you will find 2 Mines, both full of wasps and nests. The best way I've found to destroy these nests, is (if you have these spells, or can buy the appropriate scrolls from Elmeric) to cast Invisibility, walk up close to the nest, cast Fear, and then hit the nest quickly with a weapon (not a spell). It's also best not to use shift when doing this. If you don't have the spells or scrolls, you could just take a lot of healing potions and use the Armor of Fear, or just keep hitting the nest until the wasp inside is dead and you can destroy the nest. In later difficulties this isn't always the best tactic, but in lower difficulties it should work ok.

Sword of Elwon

In Mine 2, you should find Rosso, a slave miner, who has stolen the Sword of Elwon, which is the only weapon that can kill the wasp queen. He then gives it to you since that is exactly what you're trying to do.

Down on level 12, you will finally run in to the Hive, wherein the wasp queen rests. You will also find a few more nests in here, use the same tactics mentioned above, except it would be a good idea to use Reflection this time as well. Once you have cleared the first room of nests, venture into the next room, equip the Sword of Elwon and destroy the queen (all the while using reflection, this may require quite a bit of mana if you only have level 1 reflection, either that or a lot of healing potions). When she is dead, she will drop the Crystal of Bravery, and the village above will be put at ease.

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