Dark Stone

Baby The Burnt Out Village, Dungeon Levels: 9-12, Crystal of Bravery

As you start exploring the land of Marghor you will find a burnt out village, and all of its people dead, except for one woman. Talk to Lucy and she will tell you how some lizard men stole her baby. Then continue exploring the land until you find a island, with a hole and ladder leading down into it, try making a bridge out of a nearby tree (on the north side there's a tree near the edge on the land, keep clicking on it and it will fall, forming a bridge). On the island you will find Josh, wounded and dieing, give him a potion of healing, and he will give you a scroll of invisibility. Use this and then venture down the ladder to level 9, and kill the 3 bats near the bottom of the ladder under the cover of invisibility.

Now all you have to do is find your way down to level 12, where you will find a room full of monks, a plant like organism in a hole, and Lucy's baby ready for the sacrifice. However, don't think these monks will stand around while you take their sacrifice away from them. As soon as you touch the cot, or one of the monks, they will all turn into lizard men and attack you. Obviously you will have to kill them. One way to do this is to click on the monk closest to the entrance, and then run back to the entrance so only a few can attack you at once.

After you've killed all of the monks/lizard men, retrieve the cot and return it to Lucy in the burnt out village, and she will give you the Crystal of Bravery in return.

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