Dark Stone

Vial of Poison Poison Vats, Dungeon Levels: 13-16, Crystal of Nobility Medal of Arcach Eraldus

This rather lengthy quest starts off in the land of Marghor when you run into a young knight by the name of Eraldus, who tells you that his wife, Angelique, is being held prisoner down in the dungeons. He begs of you to save her, saying he would go himself but he is terrified of spiders and the dungeons full of them.

Enter level 13 and begin this quest. Just after entering level 13 you will find the prison, however it's locked, and the only way in is to find the key. So find your way to level 14 where you will find The Offerings Room, which will contain 2 Vials of Poison. Take these, but be careful not to sell them to Elmeric, for he will be willing to buy them just as he will buy other potions. You will also find The Armoury, but you can do nothing here for now.

Continue to level 15, containing both The Venom Room and The Poison Room. In The Venom Room you will find a medal on a pedestal, which you are unable to take until Arcach is dead, but more importantly you will also find a cauldron filled with a green substance. Put one of the Vials of Poison in the cauldron and you should see green vapour issuing forth from it. Then go to The Poison Room, where you will find much the same as The Venom Room, plus another 2 Vials of Poison. You will need these to replace the two you used on this level.

Now that level 15 is finished, continue down to level 16, where you will find The Masters Room. Here you will find another 2 cauldrons, place a Vial of Poison in each of these and a door will open. When you venture through this door and into the next room, Draak will appear, however he's too busy to fight you himself, so he leaves you in the care of Arcach. A good way to kill this giant spider is to run back out the door, and just kill it with a ranged weapon. After Arcach is dead, go to the back of its room and you will find 2 chests. The one on the left containing 3 Antidote Potions, and the one on the right with the Key to the Prison and a scroll of Teleportation.

You will also find The Crystal Room on this level, which, amazingly enough, contains the crystal. Put 3 Antidote Potions in the 3 poison cauldrons there, and you will be able to remove the Crystal of Nobility from the pedestal.

You may end this quest here if you wish, or you can backtrack and collect those 2 medals you saw on level 15, in The Venom Room and The Poison Room. Once you have the 2 medals, go back up to The Armoury on level 14, place the medals on the 2 empty pedestals there, and you will be able to choose 1 of the 3 weapons. If you're playing expert, master or hero, you will probably already have better weapons, so if you do not intend to use any of them, choose the sword since it is worth the most to sell.

Then back to level 13 and the prison. Use the key you found in The Masters Room to open the door, and at the end of the passage will be the room with Angelique. Open it and then give her the scroll of Teleportation. Then return to the land of Marghor and if you talk to Eraldus, he will complain about you taking to long to find his wife, and if you talk to him 3 times, he will attack you. Kill him then go talk to his wife, who will be distraught at the death of her husband and will turn into a werewolf and attack you. When you kill her she will drop a key, which can be used to open the chest outside of the level 13 entrance.

NOTE: If you lose some Vials of Poison, you can still get the crystal (which is the important part), you just won't be able to complete the side quest of rescuing Eraldus' wife. It is possible to find/steal Vials of Poison throughout the game, but they're very rare.

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