Dark Stone

Horgan's Amulet, Dungeon Levels: 13-16, Crystal of Nobility

This quest starts off when you run into Horgan, who asks you to recover the Crystal of Life from Korgun, the leader of the Orcs camp. Head over to the Orcs camp and defeat Korgun and his companions, then return to Horgan with the crystal. When you give Horgan the crystal, thus earning his trust, he will tell you the secret of the Gates of the Lonely, telling you that the gate can only be opened by two people, one must stand on the teleport platform, and the other opens the gate while wearing a special amulet, which he then gives to you.

Now go to the Gate of the Lonely (entrance to level 13), and if you are playing single player with 2 characters, stand one on the teleport circle, put solo mode on, and use the other character (make sure they're wearing the amulet) to click on the gate, which will then crumble to dust. If you only have 1 character in the game, then simply place an item on the circle. Any item will do, whether it be a single gold piece, a heavy suit of armour, or any of the various items you have found on your journey. You will be able to pick it up again once the door is open.

On levels 14 and 15 you will find two champions of the shadow world, whom you must defeat in order to gain possession of their swords, which you will need later on. They are not that hard to defeat, they have a lot of hit points but are fairly slow. A ranged attacker should just keep backing up and shooting, while a melee attacker should just take a couple of healing potions.

Once you have both swords, move on to level 16 where you will find The Temple of Death containing 3 pedestals, 2 of which have skulls on them. Place the Champions swords in each of the 2 skulls, and take the Crystal of Nobility which appears on the middle pedestal. As soon as you touch the crystal however, the large skull behind the pedestal will open, and you will be attacked by a third champion.

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