Dark Stone

Horn of Roland Princess Jasmine, Dungeon Levels: 17-20, Crystal of Compassion

In this quest you will find a Prince Ramal and his servant Melchior camped by the entrance to level 17. Talk to them and you'll find out that Ramal's sister, Princess Jasmine, has been kidnapped by an evil wizard, and that they plan to go looking for her come morning.

Enter level 17 and you will find out where Jasmine is being held prisoner quite quickly. The room is guarded by magic missiles traps, and the best way to get past this is to use the spell reflection and run. When you're past them you will come to a door, open that and kill the snakes inside, then free Jasmine of her chains, however that does not set her free. She is also bound by spiritual chains and is unable to leave the room.

So continue downwards in the search for something to overcome this, and on level 18 you will find Prince Ramal's servant, Melchior, wounded and dying. Talk to him and he will tell you how he was wounded trying to rescue Ramal, who was taken prisoner trying to free his sister. Melchior did manage to get a key to the prison though, which he gives you in the hope you can save his prince.

Now explore level 19 until you find the Mine where Ramal is slaving away. The Diadem of Oblivion Use Melchior's Key to open the gate, and kill the guards and then talk to Ramal, who will give you The Diadem of Oblivion to save his sister. Now go back to the Harem on level 17 and give the diadem to Princess Jasmine, which will allow her to escape, and she gives you the Horn of Roland in return. Then a very angry wizard by the name of Kirgard will attack you, kill him and he will drop a scroll giving you a hint as to what the Horn of Roland is for.

Go back above ground to the Grave Yard and use the Horn of Roland to click on his tomb. Then Roland, the eternal champion, will attack you. Upon death you can retrieve his helmet, which can be used to detect hidden traps.

Now go all the way down to level 20, and at the end of the corridor will be 3 huge stone knights, however they're not a threat for the moment. You will also see a crystal in the middle of them, but if you put Rolands Helmet on, you will see it's surrounded by traps. Go over to one side of the room, and you will find more traps, but these ones have a path through them. You can either try to navigate your way through, or just buy a few healing potions and run through to pull the switch, which will cause the traps to disappear. Do that to each of the 3 switches (one on each side of the room), and then the traps around the crystal will also be gone. But once you take the Crystal of Compassion from the pedestal, those stone knights will come alive, and attack you (they have a lot of hit points). You can either stand and fight, or cast a magic door, go to town, run back down to level 20 and use a ranged weapon to get them from behind the gate where you came in (because it closes when you take the crystal). Or if you're playing with 2 or more players, then have one stay behind the gate before you take the crystal, then open it again for you to run through.

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