Dark Stone

Ardyl, Dungeon Levels: 1-4, Crystal of Wisdom

When exploring the land of Ardyl you will find Rammul's House, and Rammul wants you to kill a certain troll named Kernell. Continue exploring the land and you will come across Kernell's Hideout, venture in and it leads to level 1.

There's nothing really important in this level, though if you go through the teleportation pad, be careful for you will be running into an ambush. Level 2 is just a normal level, again with nothing of importance, however before going down to level 3; get ready for another ambush from rats. You will also find a Troll Guard who holds a key. Continue on to level 4 and you will come to a locked gate right by the stairs, use the key you obtained from the Troll Guard and you will be attacked by the Vile Kernell and some of his friends. Kernell's Left Eye Kernell will drop his left eye when you kill him; take this back to Rammul as proof that Kernell is dead.

Rammul's Pass

When you give Kernell's eye to Rammul, he will give you a pass which you can show to Rammul's servants to gain access to places otherwise off limits, such as The Chamber of Prayers. Go there and show Amok the pass, and then you will have to kill the creepy crawly, who also happens to be the holder of the Crystal of Wisdom.

Note: You will also find someone by the name of Voxer in the land of Ardyl, looking for a red ruby, don't worry about this now since the ruby won't be found until much later in the game.

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