Dark Stone

Marghor, Dungeon Levels: 13-16, Crystal of Nobility

In Black TulipElementary Fire the land of Marghor you will find Saje trapped on a small island, talk to him and he will tell you how a spell is keeping him there, and that he needs you to make a potion for him in his laboratory. He tells you to mix elementary fire and a rare flower together.

Continue exploring the land and you will find Kelvin, talk to him and he will tell you how barbarians have stolen the well. The well is somewhere in Marghor, find this and kill the 2 Barbarians guarding it, and then return to Kelvin. He will thank you, and give you a Black Tulip as a reward.


Now go down to level 14, and somewhere on that level will be The Lizards' Chamber, and a guy named Budul standing outside. He asks you to retrieve the Will of his friend who died inside the chamber. Kill all the lizard men and search the body for the Will, give this to Budul and he will give you his only possession of value as a reward, Elementary Fire.

Then venture down to level 15 and find the Laboratory. Just be careful opening the door, as there's a large crossbow inside which fires fireballs at you (use Reflection). Inside you will find a cauldron, Elixir of Fluidity place both the Black Tulip and Elementary Fire in there, and that will make the Elixir of Fluidity. It will also cause the 3 bodies outside to raise as skeletons who will attack you.

Next go down to 16 and find The Chamber of the Doors. When you enter you will find a sign telling you to close the door behind you, do so, but cast Reflection before you continue into the next room, as you will need to run past a couple of statues throwing fireballs. When you get to the end of corridor, pull the switch there. Now go back up to Saje in Marghor and give him the elixir, and you will be given the Crystal of Nobility as a reward.

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