Dark Stone

Omar, Dungeon Levels: 17-20, Crystal of Compassion

The first level of this quest is an unusual one. Level 17 is not in a dungeon; it's a cursed forest. But before you enter the cursed forest there's a couple of things you need to do, first visit Bill's Tavern and talk to Ilda, who will give you Sir Franklin's Key. Then talk to Gawin to get Saje's Key. Now go back to Marghor and visit Sir Franklin's Residence, and in the second room to the Vampire's Memoirs left there's a book shelf. Click on that and get the Vampire's Memoirs. Now go and give this to Ezasha on level 17 and he will grant you entrance to the house.

Once in the house on level 17 you will find Bernie, who turns into a Guard and attacks you when you get close to him. Next bats will start appearing, and it's best to use Invisibility here since they keep coming back no matter how many you kill. Then you will come to a room with a coffin/tomb in it and an unlit torch on the wall. Click on the torch and it will open the coffin, which is the entrance to level 18.

On level 18 you will find Saje's Hideaway, use Saje's Key to open the barred door. When you talk to Saje, he asks you to recover three items of his, a horn, a diadem and an anvil. Continue down to level 19 and find Nicodemus' Chamber, next to the bed will be some draws, click on them and get the Statue. Now put the Statue on the shelf next to the bookcase and that will open a secret passage, in which you will find a chest containing Nicodemus' Key.

Next you need to find the Torture Chamber, where you will find Sir Franklin chained to a bench, and a few spectre's guarding him, kill them and then use Nicodemus' Key to free Franklin. He will then turn into a spectre as well, leaving behind another key of Nicodemus', and Saje's Saje's DiademDiadem under where he was lying.

Now onto level 20, this contains The Crypt and Ezasha's Chamber. Go to Ezasha's Chamber and kill Ezasha when he turns into a Damned Spectre, and then click on the draws beside the bed and get the Vampire's Key. Now go to The Crypt and open the 2 doors, kill the scorpions, and flip the switches, which will open the gate in the middle, go through and to the right. Use the Vampire's Key on the gate and get ready for a fight, because as soon as you Saje's Hornclick on the coffin, Desmon the Vampire will attack you. Upon killing him he will drop Saje's Horn.

Saje's Anvil

Next you need to get Saje's Anvil, which can be found in Nicodemus' Father's House in Marghor. Use the key you got in the Torture Chamber (Nicodemus' Key) to unlock the door, and then go back down to level 18 and give Saje his 3 items, Anti-Charm Potionwho will then give you an Anti-Charm Potion. Take this down to The Crypt in level 20, and go to the left as you enter. Use the Vampire's Key on the gate, and then give the Anti-Charm Potion to Sir Franklin.

Finally, return to Sir Franklin's Residence in the land of Marghor and you will find Franklin in the second room on the left, talk to him and you will receive the Crystal of Compassion.

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