Dark Stone

Ardyl and Marghor, Dungeon Levels: 5-8 and 9-12, Crystal of Virtue and Bravery

ThisRammul's Pass is where you really start to see the differences between the original quests and the new ones. First show Rammul's pass to Jorkin by the gate to The Passage, and use the key that he gives you. HeThe Sword of Marghor also says you will need the Light of Marghor, for this you will need to go to the land of Marghor and enter level 9. Here you will find Morgonn, a goblin in the service of Rammul, show him the pass and he will give you the Sword of Marghor.

Continue down to level 10 where you will find the Light of Marghor Light of Marghor, however you will not be able to take it just yet. Now go down to level 12 and you will find a square room with a skull on a pedestal in the center, and 2 locked rooms full of trolls. Get ready for a fight, and then plunge the Sword of Marghor into the skull, making the Light of Marghor accessible and releasing the trolls. It's probably a good idea to use Invisibility before doing this, as you will not be able to run to the doorway and just fight one at a time, Rammul will be standing there watching.

After you have finished off the trolls, talk to Rammul and he will praise you on your fighting skill. Then go back up to the Light of Marghor on level 10. Though be ready for yet another ambush before taking the stairs to level 10, because as soon as the Light of Marghor falls from the pillar (and it does this just after you get to level 10), snakes will emerge from all over the room.

Now that you have the Light of Marghor, go back to the entrance of level 5 and place it on the barrier in front of the portal.

A couple of trolls will attack you at the bottom, though nothing to worry about too much. You will also run into Kernell's brother, though he only threatens you, he doesn't attack. At the end of the corridor there will be 2 teleportation pads, and if you want to take the most direct route to the stairs to level 6, take the left one. This will teleport you into a small room with a few trolls, so be ready for them, and there will also be another 2 teleportation pads, take the left again and you will be at the stairs.

Or if you want to clear the level, just take either. Every teleportation pad in the level will lead to a small room full of trolls, ranging in numbers from 2 to 8.

Anyway, once you enter level 6 and explore a little, you will find a maze of sorts called The Wasp of Eternity, for that's what it contains. It also contains a key, so you do need to find your way through.

The best way to get to the key and avoid the Wasp of Eternity is to keep to the left side (left from the entrance), and just pull the switches from the left 2 or 3 rows. You will run into a few normal wasps, so be ready for them (though you can just use Magic Bomb on them before you open the gates). If you want to clear the whole maze, be careful of the blue wasp called the Venom of Eternity, it has killed me a few times with just one hit.

After you find the Key to the Chamber of the Great Crystals, continue to level 7 where you will find Rammul standing outside a room with 4 crystals and a locked door. Talk to him and he warns you that it could be a trap, and he's right. You can use the key you found on level 6 to open the door, though if you try to take any of the fake crystals they won't move, but a wyvern will be summoned. So there's not much point to going in except for experience.

Now to level 8, you will again find Rammul standing in front of a locked door, though this time he warns you of the legendary Medusa who can kill you will one hit. Take this warning seriously, for she really can. So it's best to use some kind of ranged attack here, or avoid fighting her all together. One way to do that would be to open the door, lead her in, and then run around her and into the next room. If you do this right, hopefully the door will close behind you before she gets a chance to come through (it won't work on the higher difficulty levels, unless you use slowness).

The Crystal of Virtue and Bravery will be in the room you find her in.

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